Friday, 2 December 2016

Make the most of twitter chats

There seems to be a blogger chat for every night of the week with new chats popping up all the time! The chats are a great way to meet new bloggers and build your blog.

The chats use one specific hashtag for the chat, most of the chats I take part in only last an hour and have a host who asks questions through that hour.

Respect the rules of the chat:
Some chats can be quite structured in terms of how and when they ask questions. Some may ask for you to not share you links until the end as it means people can have a good chat and then share links at the end. I must say It can get pretty annoying when you are trying to keep up with the chat and someone keeps tweeting their links every five minutes. If you don’t agree with what someone is saying just remember everyone is entitled to their own views but maybe approach them in a polite manner if you really want to.

How to keep up!
I like to use tweetdeck for scheduling my tweets if I am hosting the #bdib chat but if I am just generally taking part I prefer to open two tabs on twitter and have one for the hashtag and one for the notifications, It just makes it a lot easier to keep up as there can be hundreds of tweets a minute!

Get involved as much as you can, ask questions and respond to people! Make sure you use the hashtag as well so everyone can see your tweets and reply. Like or retweet other people’s tweets and maybe follow some new people from the chat, it can make a big difference in building relationships with other bloggers.

Don’t be scared:
Following on from the previous point, don’t be scared to join in or give your own views. If you see a conversation going on why not join? That’s the whole point of chats you get lots of “mini” chats happening as well as the main one.

My favourite twitter chats:
I love taking part in chats and there are so many that I love to join in with. There is certainly a chat out there for everyone! I like to join in the #bbloggers chat which is mainly targeted towards beauty bloggers there is also #lbloggers for lifestyle bloggers. I also couldn’t not mention the #bdib chat, I started #bdib and am so proud of how it turned out, the chat takes place every Monday 7pm GMT and Friday 8pm GMT and we love having new people join in each week!

Why not try and take part in a chat? Let me know in the comments what your favourite chats are!

Friday, 25 November 2016

Why I'm glad I can drive

I waited a till I was 18 to start my driving lessons, mainly because I had recently moved to a new area but was also in the middle of my A-Levels so didn’t want an extra pressure. I have been driving for nearly a year now and it is honestly one of the best things I have done.

Independence – I love being able to decide where I want to go, If someone asks me to go out I can just hop in the car and go rather than having to rely on my parents or the dreaded public buses! It also means that my mum and dad can just text me if they need some bits and pieces and I can drive round to get it.

Being able to go anywhere at any time – I don’t have to time everything with everyone else. Before I used to have to make sure I either went to a place I could get to on a bus or make sure I picked a day where my mum or dad could take me.

Saving time – I used to spend half my life (okay maybe a slight exaggeration) waiting for public transport. I used to hate standing in the rain waiting for a bus that was normally 40 minutes late then arriving at college looking like a drowned rat! By being able to drive I only need to rely on myself and it means I don’t need to leave super early!

I get that its not all positives. Combine driving lessons, petrol and insurance it isn’t the cheapest thing to do but I am so glad I started, I can’t imagine not being able to drive now as I have become so much more independent!

Friday, 18 November 2016

My 2am Thoughts

Since its been summer I have been enjoying the lighter nights so generally speaking have been going to bed a lot later than usual. I can often find myself saying “I will just watch one more Youtube video” to 3 hours later still being stuck in the black hole that is YouTube watching a video on how you make ice cream. I thought it would be a bit of fun to share my 2am thoughts.

1.     I said I was having an early night tonight

2.     I’ll just write my to do list for tomorrow in case I forget it.

3.     It was only 12 when I last checked, how did it get so late?!

4.     * Counts how many hours you have till your alarm goes off *

5.     I will just watch one more video.. an hour later

6.     Why am I always so much more productive at 2am?!

7.     * Has a billion different blog post ideas *

8.     Did I actually lock the front door * Gets up to check, gets back in bed and 5 minutes later needs the toilet *

What are your thoughts at god knows that time in the morning?