Sunday, 19 May 2019

Boyfriend guesses price of my makeup #2

So we both loved writing and doing this post last time and so we thought we would give it another go today! Again Harry doesn't know about any of the prices for these but he has been in the shops when I have purchased them.... lets see how he does!

Item #1 - L'oreal Le Blush

Harry's Guess - Well as it says Le Blush I'm going to go out on a whim and say it's a blusher. I reckon L'oreal know how to charge plus the name sounds fancy so I'm going to say £19.99

Actual Price - It is indeed a blusher but it costs £7.99

Item #2 - Revolution baked highlighter

Harry's Guess - Baked highlighter is that the thing you put around your eyes to highlight them for some reason? Never heard of the brand but baked sounds like an expensive extra - £7.99

Actual Price - so highlighter is what goes on your cheeks to give them that healthy glow, sometimes I put it on my eyes but not very often, the cost is £3.00

Item #3 - Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

Harry's Guess - The matte thing is the thing you put on your cheeks after you've put the liquid thing on with the sponge. Its applied with a brush. That's as much as I know, probably £20?

Actual Price - I love the descriptions there.... the liquid is the foundation I use and this is my setting powder! The price is £3.99

Item #4 - Real Techniques Beauty Sponge

Harry's Guess - It's the sponge thing you use to put foundation on. Extortionately priced for a bit of sponge.. will say £8

Actual Price - It's £5.99 but works wonders for my foundation!

Item #5 Clean and Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion

Harry's Guess - Clean and clear it makes your skin look glowy and shiny. Very competitvely priced at £3.99

Actual Price - I love the way this makes my skin feel! You are right, it is indeed £3.99

So there are Harry's answers, I suppose 1/5 isn't bad and he wasn't too far off with the others! Have you ever asked your boyfriend how much your beauty products are? Or would you know how much his items cost?

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Long Haul Flights

So I'm not a huge fan of flying at all but with my job that is something that I do a lot of! Once you've been on one flight you kind of learn the ins and outs pretty quickly, you realise what you should have packed and stuff you packed but didn't really need and if your like me and pack for every scenario thats normally quite a lot!

My first long haul flight was around 11 hours before that I had done a few smaller flights normally no longer than 4 hours and so this was just the same but just a hell of a lot longer!

What do I wear? 

So this is something that everyone finds different but personally I like to wear loose clothing so that I'm comfortable during the flight and don't feel restricted in anyway. I normally opt for leggings and a comfy jumper and underneath a loose fitting t shirt in case I get too hot.

What to pack. 

There are always going to be the same essentials that I take every flight and with travelling in general. Here is my carry on luggage list:

  • Good book to read (everyone has their own preferences and mine would be a good crime book that I can really get stuck into and make the time go that little bit quicker!) 

  • Travel pillow - I can sleep pretty much anywhere but I love to sleep in comfort, I got my pillow from TK Max, its memory foam and the best travel pillow I've ever used! 

  • Snacks - this is a must!! You never know when hunger is going to strike and you need a little something to keep you going. Snacks also covers sweets and gum for taking off and landing! 

  • Scarf - I have one of those big scarfes that open out into the big blanket type and these are my first choice to take! Especially since flights can get quite cold with the air conditioning on all the time. 

  • Throat sweets - speaking of air conditioning I always take some throat sweets and paracetamol as I get such a dry throat from the recycled air! 

  • Computer - Either a computer, phone, Ipod anything with the latest films and music on to keep you occupied! With this Headphones are another must have! 

Tips whilst on the plane. 

I am one of those people that reads multiple blogs, magazine articles about what to do on flights before I go just to make sure I feel prepared and have some sort of plan to keep myself occupied! 

Drink plenty, now I am really bad at this on a day to day basis but on a flight it is so important as the air is very dry and can dehydrate you very quickly. Another top tip is to keep mobile, keep walking around every so often even doing little exercises in your seat can stop you from going stiff and getting the dreaded dead leg after the long flight! 

Take some bits so that you can freshen up, take 5 to 10 minutes to yourself to make yourself feel good again, I always take a mini kit filled with a toothbrush, wipes and just other bits and pieces that will make you feel fresh.... flights can make you feel extremely yucky! 

So there are just a few of my top tips! I'd love if you could share your's in the comments as I'm constantly searching for new things to try!

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Tips for when you are away from home for a while

So I work away for about 10 months of the year, don't get me wrong I absolutely love my job however I always make sure to keep in touch with home and before I go away there are some little bits that I do to give to family and friends. I thought today I would share some of my tips for those of you who are away from home for long periods of time. 

1. Be prepared: 
This is a pretty simple one to do. Firstly I find out the dates i'm going to be away and then I think of any birthdays/ Christmas / Anniversaries and then I write each person a card for the specific occasion this means I can give them their presents to put away before I go.

2. Think outside the box:
So you know that you aren't going to be there for a prolonged amount of time so what can you do that makes it feel like you are? I give the special people in my life notes or little jars filled with memories and then every time they are missing me they can read one! This is possibly my favourite thing to do as its cost effective but means the world to someone when they are missing you. 

3. Keep in touch
Create group chats before you go away and make sure you add everyone to them, this way it means you can keep everyone updated at the same time and saves you a lot of time rather than having to message everyone individually! This is a LIFE SAVER for me, I don't always have time to message everyone but having one place means I can keep everyone in the loop without wasting time. 

4. Make times together special 
Making sure you make time for everyone is another huge thing, when I come home I have about 2 months and so I make the most of it by organising weekends away, day trips, family nights at home. Being away just means that you value the time together more. 

5. Have fun
This is such an important one to remember, its very easy to dwell upon what you are missing at home but you also need to think about all the fun things you are doing and making the very most of it. 

So there we have it just 5 tips that I do that make working away from home that little bit easier, do you work away from home or have a partner that does? Would love to hear what you think in the comments below.