Sunday, 24 March 2019

My Perfect Sunday

Now I love nothing more than staying in on a Sunday especially in winter when it’s cold and wet outside and just knowing I’m inside nice, warm and snuggly!

To start with I wake up, put the kettle on and make some breakfast I’ll then usually as a treat take it back to bed and have a read/ comment through some blogs, Sunday is the day I really put time aside to focus on my blog but also to check out new bloggers and reading through their latest blog posts.

After I have had my breakfast and read a few posts I will have a shower and get changed into some comfy clothes which normally consists of pyjama bottoms, knitted jumper and fluffy socks! 

Sunday’s are also my odd job days so if I’ve got any tidying to do or anything I’ll do it leisurely throughout the day. Whilst doing this I'll put on a good playlist of the songs I have been loving recently and normally sing at the top of my lungs whilst doing the jobs. One of my favourite jobs to do is to wake up and put fresh sheets on my bed because then later I can get into a clean bed which I love! 

I know I am still using my christmas mug but its because its the perfect shape for hot chocolate! 

Sundays are also a bit of a pamper day for me so I will normally light some candles in the evening and then I'll pop a face mask on before watching a few series on Netflix and settle down with a hot chocolate. 

So that is my average Sunday routine, let me know in the comments what your Sunday routine is! 

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Girlfriend Tag

So a few months ago we did a Boyfriend Tag, which you can read here and Harry has been pestering me ever since for me to answer some questions, so I sent him off with a note book and these are the answers he came back with! Lets see who knows each other best! 

   What is my shoe size?

Gem – You are a size 12! Big big feet compared to my little size 6

 Harry - Indeed I do have freak’s feet. It’s a nightmare to get shoes that fit

    What drink do I always order?

Gem - It would either be a Tsingtao if they have it, after that some sort of beer or if you were going non alcoholic a coke

 Harry - Bang on. My favorite beer that.

Where would I most love to travel to?

Gem  - Copacabana!

 Harry - I’m not sure if I ever mentioned that, I think I might have done haha

What am I deathly afraid of?

Gem  - Dying I would say is your first one, followed by spiders and loosing me?

 Harry - Perfect answer. They all equally scare the living daylights out of me

  Where was our first trip together?

Gem - Well fun story about this one isn’t there?! Well Harry and I had spent the day together and then his friend picks him up to go to a gig in Liverpool, I then head home about to jump in the shower when Harry rings saying do I want to come as there is a spare ticket so I quickly get myself in the car and drive down only to turn up and be told it was an overnight… I hadn’t packed a toothbrush or anything!

 Harry - Well I had heard that girls like spontaneity and was playing on that. It turned out to be rather fun I thought in the end, although where we were staying was a right old dump.  

  What is my favourite video game?

Gem  - I’m not sure If this counts but I would have said Guitar hero or proper video game Fifa.

Harry - All valid answers, it’s a toss up between fifa and GTA V probably just edging towards GTA V that being said I do take my guitar hero probably too seriously

What’s my favourite city?

Gem – I’m sure we have never fully talked about this so going to go out on a whim and say Manchester?

Harry - For England it is indeed Manchester, abroad id have to say… probably… oo that’s a tough one. If I had to say right here right now.. Salzburg

 What is my weirdest interest?

Gem – I don’t think you have anything particularly weird, you just once you find something get very into it!

Harry – I’m not really a weird interest sort of chap. Does Little Mix count?

What TV Show do I like but you hate?

Gem – where to start?! Hahaha the main one I would say is Big mouth, but see I am perfect because when I fall asleep early you can watch all of this!

Harry - Ah yes Big Mouth haha, then there’s also Paradise PD, Ideal, MOTD. I could go on

If I was an animal which one would I be?

Gem – ohhh this is quite hard! I would say a monkey!

Harry - Fun fact the answer used to be a Cobra.

 Who is the more dominant one in the relationship?

Gem – we are a very relaxed couple, really easy going and everything so I would say we both share it!

Harry - We do make a good team, nahhh no one is really in charge we don’t really worry about that sort of thing.

What is the first thing that I do in the morning?

Gem – turn your alarm off several times till you’ve overslept?! No maybe give me a cuddle or if I’m not there sit and scroll on your phone for a bit.

Harry - Im not a morning person at all – if anything I hate them, so yeah I’ll do anything to avoid waking up. I do not like the sound of an alarm

If I could live anywhere in the world where would I live?

Gem  - Costa Rica?

Harry - Best place in the world that it’s a paradise with beer for a dollar a bottle. Its beautiful.

 I’m making a sandwich, what would be on it?

Gem – first of all I have never ever seen you make a sandwich apart from a bacon sandwich so that one? Unless I’ve asked you for a tuna one!

Harry - Anything that’s full of meat so yeah bacon would be a good shout. Whatever youre having id tend to have that.

 What’s my worst habit?

Gem – I wouldn’t say you have any bad habits, nothing stands out anyway.

Harry - I do try anyway to not do anything toooooo irritating

Who said I love you first?

Gem  - You did after attempting to a few times! 

Harry - I was so nervous that first time I tried to but thought it was too early and dint think you would react well so I had to bail. Think it worked out rather well.

 I’m ordering pizza what does it have on it?

Gem - Meat…. Tons and tons of meat! Something like a mighty meaty from Dominoes 

 Harry - Meat. Anything meaty. Mighty meaty, texas bbq, metalicious. All meat all the time. Im a relapsed vegetarian.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

10 Fun Facts About Me!

So in general day to day life I bloody love a good fun fact probably much to everyones annoyance since I am constantly saying it! So I thought it would be really nice to share some little facts about me that you might not know!

1. I am a huge lover of all things crime, whether its watching the latest crime documentary or crime book I am obsessed and love to guess whose done it or give my opinion to anyone around willing to listen! 

2. I can't wrap present to save my life - over the years I have got better at it... so long as its a box shape other than that nope I have not got a clue and so love the fact you can buy such pretty present gift bags! 

3. Speaking of presents I don't like people watching me open presents but I love watching other people! 

4. I am a observer - now this sounds proper creepy but I promise you it isn't! I love to just sit in a cafe and watch the world go by and just take in my surroundings and watch people going about their day and making me own little stories of what they could be doing! 

5. I once got banned from toothpaste! So for my 6 weeks summer holidays I used to spend it with my grandad in the lake district I absolutely loved it but one year I started eating my toothpaste like it was a sweet and got it taken off me! 

6. I have never owned an ipod up until last year when harry brought me one as a welcome home present... It has been well worth the wait I love it! 

7. I used to canoe on a weekly basis and did a 20 mile charity canoe race to raise money and awareness for breast cancer care. 

8. I have the same dream before and during when I am poorly and its the worst dream EVER and makes me feel even more sick! 

9. Mint is my favourite flavour whether its chocolate, ice cream or hot chocolates even scent I just bloody love it! 

10. I used to be scared of spiders till I met Harry and he is even worse than I was so I stepped up and became chief Spider hunter (I pick them up and place them safely outside!) 

Leave me an interesting fact about yourself in the comments I would love to know!