Sunday, 11 November 2018

Boyfriend guesses prices for my beauty products

Today I thought I would get my boyfriend involved with my blog, we spend so much time together and so am putting him to the test to see if he can correctly guess my beauty products, Harry was very much up for doing this and I think he secretly loved it! He has never been shopping with me for any of these products and so didn't have a clue about the prices, here are his answers!

Product 1. Collection lasting perfection concealer 

Harry's Guess:
Well it's last perfection and seems like the sort of thing most people would use to cover and for the size of it I'll say £7.

Actual Price £4.19

Product 2. L'oreal hydra genius aloe water

Harry's Guess:
I reckon that this could be quite pricey, big bottle so I will say £30.

Actual Price £9.99

Product 3. Estee Lauder advanced night repair 

Harry's Guess: Well Gemma has used this on me a few times, mainly when she's put too much on her hands and doesn't want to waste it! I'm going to say £50.

Actual Price £76

Product 4. Estee Lauder advanced night repair eye concentrate matrix 

Harry's Guess:
I'm going to stick with £50 for this one as its a slightly smaller bottle than the last one!

Actual Price £49

Product 5. Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb perfume 

Harry's Guess: £105
This is quite a big bottle

Actual Price £105

So I think we can safely say that I'll stick to buying these products myself. Have you ever tested your boyfriend on beauty products would love to hear your comments below! 

Sunday, 4 November 2018

My Haircare saviour!

So I first discovered these products whilst working away, for those of you who don't know I work on cruise ships and I find that this can sometimes affect my hair and its appearance. The water onboard is a lot harsher than my water in my home and has a higher chlorine content so I needed something that would keep my hair looking and feeling great.

One of my friends onboard introduced me to the new L'oreal dream lengths range, there are 4 products within the range - the restoring shampoo, detangling conditioner, no hair cut cream and the saviour hair mask.

The range is primarily for longer hair and I would say that my hair is medium length, its just past my shoulders, however these products work absolute wonders on my hair and I would recommend for most hair lengths!

The no hair cut cream is by far my favourite product in the range and one that I use religiously! I was so impressed the first time I ever used this and noticed a real difference straight away my hair felt smoother and looked sleek and shiny. I have used it every day since, it's designed as a leave in conditioner with heat protector which can be used on wet or dry hair.

The hair mask is designed as a deep conditioner to be used along side the other products around once a week to provide an extra bit of TLC for your hair! The whole range also smells amazing.... who doesn't want a good smelling shampoo?!

I've been using the products now for about 3 months and have noticed such a difference in my hair it feels so much more moisturised and in a much better condition. At the moment there are some great offers on this range and can be brought from a variety of different supermarkets aswell as Boots and Superdrug.

Have you tried this product before? As always I love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

10 things I love about Autumn

So it is well and truly Autumn, with the clocks in the UK changing back this morning I thought I would write a little post about why I love Autumn! 

To start with a little fun fact: Autumn going into Winter is my favourite season so I am completely in my element at the moment, here are my top 10 things I love about this time of year. 

1. I love wearing cosy jumpers and fluffy scarfs - this week alone I have brought another 2 scarfs to add to my collection! 

2. Hot chocolate - sitting down in the warm watching my favourite TV episode at the moment I have been loving forensic files on Netflix and have been completely obsessed! 

3.  Baths and hot showers - I love a good bath but coming into the colder weather is the perfect excuse to jump in the tub and get those bubbles flowing. 

4. Cosy nights in - Tucking up in bed after a long day out is the best. 

5. Autumn Walks - when the leaves are starting to fall and the colours are just beautiful! 

6. Fairy Lights - now this is something I always love as it makes my room feel so homely but even more so in winter when its cold outside and your snuggled in the warm. 

7. Candles - Some of my favourite scents are the Christmas range from Yankee candle, I love them and always have done! 

8. Fluffy Socks - One of my all time favourites! I love putting fluffy socks and feel like they are perfect for winter, I have a tendency to wear them under my boots aswell for extra fluffy comfort.... can you tell I love them yet haha. 

9. Homemade stews - There is nothing better having been for a long Sunday walk and coming back to the smell of a fresh stew that has been simmering all day in a slow cooker (anyone else love a slow cooker?!) 

10. Travel mugs - I feel like this time of year is when I really get the best use of my travel mugs especially the ones that keep your drinks warm all day as I will make myself a drink in the morning and then go about my day and then on the way home I still have a hot drink to enjoy! 

So those are just a few of my favourite things about Autumn, I would love to hear what yours are in the comments below!