Thursday, 29 August 2013

Despicable me minion nails!

Despicable me is one of my favourites! The storyline is so cute and who doesn’t love the yellow minions! So I decided to turn my own nails into mini minions!
Colours I used:
Nails inc. Carnaby Street polish £11
Nails inc. Black taxi nail polish £11
Nails inc. Floral street polish £11
Nails inc. Belgrave place £11
Nails inc. Southbank polish £11
You can use any nail polishes you have in those colours, you will also need a toothpick and some tape if you need it

Step 1: Paint your all your nails a bright yellow and allow them to dry completely
Step 2: once your nails have dried paint the bottom part of your nails blue, you can use tape to cover the yellow parts or if your feeling brave just paint away!
Step 3: you need a toothpick or something similar and dip it into your grey paint, I carefully dotted the polish on each nail to create the “goggles” I did one goggles on some and two on other- its up to you how many you want to do.
Step 4: after the grey had dried I made smaller dots inside the grey goggles using the white polish.
Step 5: with the smaller end of the toothpick I made the eyes of the minions I also did the mouths and goggle bands too.
Step 6: after it had all dried I added a clear top coat to seal it all
And there you go your have your very own minions!


  1. These are amazing!

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    1. Thank you,I'm following you back :)

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