Saturday, 17 August 2013

Rosebud strawberry lip balm

4.73 (out of 5) Star Rating
Let me start off by saying I love this tin! Its so cute and the perfect size to fit into any handbag, as soon as you open the tin you can smell the slight hints of strawberry, I find this lip balm leaves your lips a little pinker which is good as you don’t have to wear lipstick/lip gloss over the top but if you do want to wear lipstick too then you get a good smooth effect although I would recommend just using the lip balm.

After a couple of days of using this I could tell the difference before my lips were cracked and dry but after using this it leaves them soft and hydrated to get the best results I apply after exfoliating my lips. The texture is thick a creamy with a good consistency which makes it easier to apply to your lips.

I think this is a great value for money as its just £8.00 and you get a lip balm that lasts ages! I have used it everyday and still have loads left! You can purchase this lip balm from Rosebud, they also have a selection of different lip balms so why not check them out!

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