Monday, 30 September 2013

Autumn and Winter Fashion 13


Autumn and winter are my favourite seasons the fashion is lovely and you can be as creative as you like!

1.       This Coat is from New Look and costs £44.99 this coats goes with just about anything its also great in cold weather as it keeps you nice and snug!

2.       I love the colour of these leggings and it adds a bit of colour to the look you can buy these from Dorothy Perkins for £35

3.       I am never without my boots in the winter and this year is no different at the moment I have been loving my Debenhams Rocha John Boots they are £65 but are so worth it, they are really comfy and look really chic with any outfit
4.       And one of my favourite products is the Topshop Knitted stripy fluffy jumper it looks great with simple jeans and boots or you can wear it for a special occasion I wouldn’t be without my jumper this winter I love the feel of it, its so fluffy and warm which is great for cold days!
What do you like to where in the autumn/ winter? Do you have any of the above? Let me know below!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

St. Grape Ancient foot scrub

I was completely drawn to it the moment I saw it, I haven’t really used foot scrubs in the past so I was really excited to try it out! The scrub contains 97% natural ingredients including pure essential oils. To use the scrub you take it out the pot and scrub it into your feet for a couple of minutes and then rinse off, at first I thought it might feel like having sand between your toes, but I can assure you it doesn’t! It feels so relaxing especially after a  long day.  I normally use it before I go into the shower as this way I can wash any remaining product off without getting water all over the bathroom!

This is a great product for anyone who is on their feet all day or for anyone who has dry skin as you will be really surprised at the results it gives, someone once said to me you should always look after your feet and I didn’t do anything but since using this product my feet haven’t been as sore when I have to walk miles and all my dry skin has cleared up significantly. The scrub is quite pricy at £25.00 but it is really worth it! It can be purchased directly from the St. Grape website.

*This was sent to me by PR for consideration of a review

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Guest post: Must haves this Autumn

Quick little bio about my blog and I - Hi, I am Libby and I am a 26 year old beauty and fashion blogger over at
My blog is dedicated to being honest, fun and always with a focus on avoiding products tested on animals.
Since starting my blog only earlier this month, I have already become addicted to blogging and so update my blog frequently, whether it be with upcoming products, reviews, ideas on how to create a look, or what my favourite items are.
I really hope that you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing it and that you join me for not only my regular posts, but my upcoming series, which is not to be missed.

And now, on with my guest post, which is all about my must-have items for autumn.

With autumn fast approaching, it is time we get ourselves into gear and prepare for the colder weather to set it (if, like me, you live in England, then you entered autumn around August).

If there is one thing I have learnt about autumn, it's that my skin changes quickly. Where I live, the weather becomes a lot colder, fast, and this really affects my skin. Even for those of you who live in climates where the change is less noticeable, your skin will still know. As such, the first item on my list is:

Liz Earle's Brightening Treatment Mask

( image from )

For me and many others, one of the first signs of cold weather on my skin is the dullness that sets in, even when there is the remaining traces of a summer tan. Your skin just doesn't produce that beautiful glow quite as much any more. That's where this product comes in.
I adore this product and, even during the summer, it can be used once a week. The brightening mask actually does what its name promises - it brightens! Your skin will have a healthier glow immediately after using it and, despite the Liz Earle website saying the mask is not for sensitive skin, I still manage to use it absolutely fine, despite mine being the most sensitive thing on earth. By all means, do a patch test, but do note that some sensitive skins can use it.

Price - £14 for 50ml

Available - . It is a UK website, but it does ship internationally.

Is this product tested on animals? No. Both PETA and the Leaping Bunny logo support the company's claims to be cruelty free.

Lush's Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar

( image from )

When is the best time to use the above face mask? When you've arrived home in a bad mood because you got caught in the autumn rain, of course! It is at that moment you will no doubt be wanting a bit of a relax - and a warm one, at that - and so will run for the bathtub to use Lush's Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds bubble bar. Why this product? Because when you're soaking wet and cold, nothing helps quite so much as bathing in luscious bubbles that transport you to your relaxing place (a private beach in the Bahamas, anyone?). You only need to use a bit of this product for each bath to get enough bubbles and enough of its glorious smell. So yes, while you lay back and soothe away your stress with this bubble bar, apply the Liz Earle face cream. These two products are a match made in autumn-Heaven.

Price - £4.50 per bar

Available - provides links to their websites for many different countries. If your nation isn't on that list, go to the UK link, as they ship internationally.

Is this product tested on animals? No. They are on PETA's do not test list.

Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Colour
 ( images from )

in Sugar Plum Fairy

To me, autumn is all about colour, whether it be from the leaves turning orange to the shade we choose for our lips. When the colder weather hits, it is our faces that people see the most of - our hair becomes covered by hats and our hands - thus nail varnish - by gloves. As such, we have the opportunity to present a beautiful pop of colour on our lips. I suggest Wet n Wild's lipstick in Sugar Plum Fairy, a gorgeous plum colour. It isn't a bright shade that suggests summer, while it lacks a dullness one would associate with the worsening weather of autumn. It is, essentially, perfect for this time of year. Wear full on, or, if you're a little more subtle, blot until you reach the tone that's right for you.

Price - $6.95

Available - This shop ships globally, but before buying, check your local country's eBay and Amazon, as it can at times be found there.

Is this product tested on animals? No. PETA has Wet n Wild on their do not test list.

Stila Sparkle Luxe Eye Shadow Palette

( images from )

We've all heard of the make-up rule that states you mustn't wear bold shades on the eyes if you're making a statement with your lips. Firstly, never listen to make-up rules. Do whatever you want. Second of all, if you do like to follow those rules, then now is the perfect time to break them. Autumn provides the opportunity, thanks to the weather and, as stated above, the fact that only your face is really on show. Therefore, I introduce you to a palette I have absolutely fallen in love with (I want to marry it) - the Stila Sparkle Luxe palette. Oh my goodness, it is gorgeous! Not only that, but the colours are certainly suited to autumn, from the plums and browns, through to the rich blue. Yes, the shades have sparkle in them, but if you can't wear glitter during the day when you're getting soaked with rain, when can you? Wear the sparkle, and rock it!

Price - £24

Available - . This is an English site, but it does ship internationally.

Is this product tested on animals? No. PETA support the company's claims to be cruelty free.

Topshop Jenson (faux) Fur Collar Biker Jacket

( image from )

Now that you've successfully soaked away all your stress, brightened your face and redone your make-up, let's get ready to go back out there! Fear not, because you will be wearing this rebellious little number. With the black leather-look fabric and faux fur collar, this will compliment your stand-out lips and look-at-me eyes perfectly. Don with black boots and an umbrella, and you're ready to show the world who is the boss again.

Price - £58

Available - . This is a UK website, but it does ship abroad.

Friday, 27 September 2013

St. Grape Invisible skin massage oil

I have never really been a fan of massage oils because I always find them to greasy and sticky, the invisible skin massage oil is 100% organic. It has a fairly strong minty smell which I loved, its great for relieving stress, reducing muscle pains and to improving circulation to get the best results I massaged it into my skin using circular motions.

It leaves your body feeling smooth and not sticky or greasy like most massage oils I was actually pleasantly surprised and I will say I have now changed my mind about massage oils and I will admit I love this product, I never thought I would say that about a massage oil! But it is really good! I love the feel of my skin after I have used it the way it moisturizes your skin is just top notch!

The invisible skin massage oil is £25.00 and it comes In a lovely glass bottle with a stopper it would make a great present for friends and family and can be purchased directly from the St. Grape website.

*This was sent to me by PR for consideration of a review

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Guest post: Budget Beauty

Hi Touch Of Belle readers!

My name is Mimi from Love and Life in Nicosia (  I'm a London girl living on a Mediterranean Island, I have four legged friend, love food and am on a constant pursuit to find budget beauty items.

Gone are the days when I could pop into Boots or Superdrug and pick up all my essentials for less than £20. This might have been one of the hardest adjustments when I became an expat; where do I buy my beauty items? And that's not the only problem; the change in climate affected my beauty regime, but after three years I think I have adjusted. So this is a round-up of my favourite budget and expat-friendly beauty items.

 anti clockwise from top left: Rimmel Match Perfect Compact, Nivea Daily Essentials Make-up Remover, Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara, Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream, Soap and Glory Smooch Operator Lip Balm, Pantene Pro V Heat Defence Gloss Spray.

Powder is an essential item when the humidity levels pick up; The Rimmel Match Perfect Compact is a great little product for eliminating shine and providing coverage, yet feels light on skin, which are all really important factors in a hot climate. Some days there isn't much make up left on my face by 7pm, but a good cleanser/make-up remover is a must.

I have noticed a real change in my skin since moving to Cyprus; the heat adds to the natural oily state of my skin, my pores get clogged more from sweat, make-up and SPF care, yet the air conditioning dries out my face, so cleansing is super important and this Nivea product is hands down my favourite; its gentle, has fresh smell and leaves my face feeling really clean.

I try to keep my make up really simple in the summer; eyeliner/eyeshadow feels heavy on my face in the heat and I prefer to stick to mascara only, so a good one is really important for me. The Rimmel Extra Super Lash gives me the same effect as the Benefit Badgal mascara but at a fraction of the cost. And then there is the issue of base; the Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream is my base of choice; its light, it covers well and it adapts to the changing tone of my skin as summer gets going and my tan comes out.

I have noticed my lips suffer as much during summer in Cyprus as they did in winter in London. The Soap and Glory Smooch Operator has a great smell, rich texture and works wonders on my chapped lips.

The last product I count among my essentials is the Pantene Pro V Heat Defence Spray; I plaster it on my hair before I go to the beach as well as before blowdrying/straigthening my hair. I have naturally thick and somewhat frizzy hair and this spray really helps to keep it smooth, healthy and protected from the heat I inflict upon it.

Thanks for having me today. I blog about all sorts from beauty, expat life, fashion and food, so come on over and say hello.


Sunday, 22 September 2013

Liebster Award!

Hello Everyone! The lovely Sophie from S K Beauty           ( ) recently nominated me for the Liebster Award! If you haven’t already checked out Sophie's blog then you should her blog is just lovely! This is an award given to new and up and coming bloggers to give them a bit more recognition, support and encouragement.

The award comes with a few rules these are:

·        Link back to the lovely person who nominated you

·        Answer the 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you

·        Nominate 11 other blogger to pass the awards to!

·        Come up with 11 questions for your nominees to answer

·        Tell the bloggers you have nominated them

·        If you want you can include 11 facts about you

So Sophie's questions..

What is your dream job? I really want to be a photographer! Im currently at college working on my photography degree!

What is your favourite colour? Im quite a girly girl so I would say pink or blue!

What 3 makeup products could you not live without? Mascara, Concealer and eyeliner!

What is your favourite item of clothing? If I was going for comfort I would say one of my hoodies or if I was going for style I would say a dress!

Who is your celebrity crush? Ryan Gosling ;)

What is your all time favourite song? This is so hard as I have soo many favourite songs! I can't thing of one but a song I really like is don’t you worry child by Swedish house Mafia.

If you could get on a plane to anywhere tomorrow where would you go?

What's your favourite nail varnish? I love Orly's nail polish in Soul Mate, it is such a lovely red colour and I just love it!

Skirts, dresses or trousers? I would say trousers for everyday and dresses for special occasions!

Any phobias? If so what? I don’t know why but I don’t like snakes or spiders! I probably have a few more but I can't think of any!

What's the best thing about blogging for you? I love meeting lovely new people and bloggers, I feel like part of a big family that looks out for one another and just getting to talk to other people I would normally get chance to talk to!

11 random facts about me:

·        Im am Terrified of needles I always have been I HATE them!

·        I had knitting classes at school and I knitted a toy tiger!

·        I Love the film forest Gump because I went on a cruise and on the TV the only film they had was Forest Gump and Mr Beans Holiday!

·        I have got my silver award in Ballroom dancing!

·        Im allergic to nuts! Its so annoying I have to read the packets on everything and I'm not allowed certain cakes!

·        I have been on 7 cruises and that’s why I want to work on one/ be  photographer!

·        If something happens I probably overreact a lot! And im very dramatic!

·        About 2 years ago I became really interested in sign language I can now have a full conversation in sign! I also want to get some sort of certificate in BSL

·        I am really shy at first but once I feel comfortable with people I am so loud!

·        I have one of the loudest laughs!

·        I can't go into a beauty shop without buying something!


My questions:
·        How long have you been blogging for?
·        What's your favourite saying?
·        Favourite beauty product?
·        What language would you like to learn?
·        What is your 4 favourite beauty brands?
·        What's your most used beauty product?
·        Have you told your family and friends about your blog?
·        What is your favourite season?
·        If someone was to make a film of your life who would you want to play you?
·        What's your "go to" products?
·        If you could have any coloured hair what would it be?


I nominate:

·        Rebecca from

·        Maddison from

·        Libbie from

·        Becca from

·        Hannah from

·        Lydia from

·        Mawuelome from

·        Cute little beauty blog

·        Becka from

·        Stephanie from

·        Katie from
·        Kate from

 Leave the links to your award in the comment box below!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Guest post: must have products!

Hello readers! My name is Jae and I run a fashion and beauty blog called Pash4Fashion- I have been blogging for a little over 2 months. Blogging is something that I never imagined myself doing but it turned out to be something that I love to do now. 

I blog a lot about makeup and clothes and throw in some skincare here and there. I wish I could keep talking about my blog but I've got a post to do, so I'm going to get on with it.

Gemma and I are guest posting for each other's blog about our "Must Haves" so today I'm going to share with you all a few of my must- have products. By the way, I didn't just stick to makeup because I thought that would be boring so I have a products from different categories. I hope you enjoy this post!
1. My first must- have is my L.A. Colours Liquid Eyeliner in Black. I love love love this eyeliner. It makes my eyes pop without looking like I have a lot of eye makeup on. I apply a very thin line on my upper lash line and it makes my eyes look bolder. Though this is a cheap $1 product, it is amazing and I'm almost out so I need a new one :(

2. My second must have is the Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Wash. I kind of raved about it in the review that I did recently for a good reason. It is the best wash that I have ever used on my skin. I have seen a great difference in my skin since I started using it about 3 weeks ago. My since has gotten so much clearer and it's just amazing.

3. My next product is St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub. This scrub has made my skin a lot smoother because it gently exfoliates- Asta la vista, dead skin. Even though it exfoliates it's good for everyday use but I use it every other day at night and when I wake up the next morning, my skin feels smoother. It makes my skin stay pretty much oil- free the whole day which is great.

4. My fourth product is a grey eye shadow duo. One of the colours is grey and the other one is a sandy grey colour. I really like this duo because I can create subtle or Smokey, bold look and back it up with a palette like L.A. Colours 6 Colour- Metallic Eye shadow Palette in Precious or the Je Colour Palette. 


 photo BlogSignature_zps50512917.jpg

Autumn Tag!

I was tagged by the lovely Gaby from  ttp:// to do the autumn tag! As some of you might know I love autumn/ winter its my favourite time of year! So I was really pleased to be tagged so here goes…

1.       What's your favourite thing about Autumn?

My favourite thing is being able to snuggle up in warm Christmas jumpers and drink lots of hot chocolate!

2.       What's your favourite drink?

Hot Chocolate with cinnamon,  marshmallows and cream its like Christmas is a cup! Or Just norm al hot chocolate.. if you haven’t guessed I LOVE hot chocolate!

3.       What's your favourite scent/ candle?

I really like the smell of cinnamon in the winter but I love anything with hints of berry or just nice smelling candles!

4.       Best lipstick?

I love Topshop's collection my favourite 2 are Brighton rock and Rio Rio and for winter just some Vaseline!

5.       Go to moisturiser?

This is quite difficult because I like so many! I love all the Body Shop moisturisers but one of my favourites is Vaseline spray and go moisturiser as its so quick and easy to use!

6.       Go to colours for the eyes?

I change colours all the time if Im in a rush I will just go for softer colours like cream, browns and light pinks but It just depends on how in feeling! Another one of my go to colours is just a Smokey eye but toned down a bit.

7.       Favourite band or singer to listen to?

This is so difficult I like Bastille, the Lumineers, Lawson and so many more!

8.       Favourite outfit to wear?

I love wearing jeans, hoodie, big thick fluffy  winter socks and boots or I love Christmas jumpers you cant go wrong with them! And I love big knitted scarfs or snoods they are perfect and so warm!

9.       Autumn treats?

I love brownies and a big hot chocolate! I also love getting new winter jumpers with pretty patterns on!

10.   Favourite place to be?

In front of the fire or in my room with hot chocolate and cinnamon! Or out with friends doing a bit of shopping or just chilling!


So that’s the autumn tag if you didn’t already guess from my answers I Love hot chocolate! Thank you Gaby for tagging me! If you are reading this I tag you all! Leave your links below so I can read your answers!