Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Philosophy products!

The products come in a lovely little box which is great for travelling. There are 3 products in the box the first one a all in one cleanser which is great for tonening and hydrating your skin, I found that after using it my face felt smooth and really clean! Its also great for removing makeup even your mascara which I was really pleased with as with some makeup removers you cant always get your mascara off but with this cleanser it comes off easily.

The next product is hope in a jar which is a moisturizer you can use it as a day or night moisturiser I normally put it on before my makeup and before I go to bed to get the best results. I love the fact that it is absorbed really quickly as it means you aren't left with sticky skin I can't stand it! but I can safely say this is perfect!

Then last but not least is the amazing grace shower gel it has a clean, fresh scent to it, you only need a small amount to get a good lather which is always a bonus!

These products would make a great gift, to use on holiday or for general everyday use!

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