Sunday, 29 September 2013

St. Grape Ancient foot scrub

I was completely drawn to it the moment I saw it, I haven’t really used foot scrubs in the past so I was really excited to try it out! The scrub contains 97% natural ingredients including pure essential oils. To use the scrub you take it out the pot and scrub it into your feet for a couple of minutes and then rinse off, at first I thought it might feel like having sand between your toes, but I can assure you it doesn’t! It feels so relaxing especially after a  long day.  I normally use it before I go into the shower as this way I can wash any remaining product off without getting water all over the bathroom!

This is a great product for anyone who is on their feet all day or for anyone who has dry skin as you will be really surprised at the results it gives, someone once said to me you should always look after your feet and I didn’t do anything but since using this product my feet haven’t been as sore when I have to walk miles and all my dry skin has cleared up significantly. The scrub is quite pricy at £25.00 but it is really worth it! It can be purchased directly from the St. Grape website.

*This was sent to me by PR for consideration of a review

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