Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Films!

Only 3 days to go! If you're not feeling all festive yet, if you watch a few of these films you will be sure to be in the Christmas spirit!


The best Christmas film by far is Elf! I know all the words! "the best way to spread Christmas cheer is signing loud for all to hear!" Will Farrell is so funny and it’s the perfect Christmas film for all the family!


Home Alone. Need I say more? Its one of those feel good films. The perfect film to watch with the family one chilly day in the build up to Christmas! 


If you like a Christmas rom-com then Love Actually is a the one for you! It’s a very typical British film in my opinion and it has some of my favourite actors in!


Coming in at a very close second, maybe even joint 1st is NativityIt's a comedy about a group of primary school children who put on a  Christmas nativity! Mr Poppy, where do I even start?! If I was in primary right now I would love him to be my teacher! It’s a real family film that will have you in stiches of laughter!


What are your favourite Christmas films?


  1. I love all those movies! Especially Elf! It brings back such good memories!

    Olivia Foster

    1. I love Elf Its such a feel good film!

      Gemma xxx


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