Sunday, 23 February 2014

Enummi Skincare review

I was recently sent some samples from the Enummi (Its Immune which I thought was clever!)  skin care range to try out.  The products I was sent included a gentle facial cleanser, refreshing toner, life C energizing serum, protective day moisturiser with broad spectrum SPF 15, night recovery cream and a restoring eye cream, all containing different properties aimed at improving your complexion!

 It is a lot of steps compared to my normal routine but it does work, the only downside is that it takes a little longer than normal but that’s a small price to pay for the way it has helped me.

My favourite product out of the whole lot has to be the protective day moisturiser because I love the way it sinks into the skin without making it feel greasy, and it's got the added bonus of SPF 15 so you know that your face is being protected all day long!

 All of these products smell really lovely as well which adds to the luxurious feel of the brand and made me even more excited to keep using the samples, If you get the opportunity I would really recommend trying these out for yourself as it isn't often that I can actually say I'm pleased with the results after using new skin care products!

*this was sent to me by PR for consideration of review


  1. They all sound lovely, I'm really interested in introducing a serum to my skincare routine! Lovely post xxx

    1. Thank you :) I would definitely recommend a serum! they make my skin feel great!

      Gemma xxx


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