Friday, 14 February 2014

Luxstyle quickmax Eyelash growth enhancer!

I apply mascara on a daily basis so I am always looking for a serum to make my lashes look longer and fuller so I couldn’t wait to the Luxstyle Quickmax eyelash growth enhancher!

 I'm always cautious with products that go near your eyes as they are really sensitive and some products can cause irritations, I was really pleased with this product though as I didn’t experience any irritations around my eye or any sore parts of my skin.

 I applied the serum to both my top eyelashes and bottom, the serum is a clear liquid feel but isn’t runny so its easy to apply. The brush is also small which helps with apply and precision whilst applying the serum.

 You put the serum on then wait for two minutes before washing away. I didn’t see an awful lot of difference with the length of my lashes but I did notice a big improvement in the thickness of my lashes, they appeared thicker with and without mascara on so I was pleased with it! The serum comes in a small bottle and you get 5ml of the serum, this serum is available to buy for £24.95 Here

 Have you tried this product or something similar? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Anything to make your lashes thicker or longer is gotta be worth a try

    1. I love having longer thicker lashes without having to use fake eyelashes!

      Gemma xxx

  2. I have this to try! Wasn't sure about the effectiveness at all xxx

  3. Oo this looks interesting..? I don't know whether to give into the hype with any of these products, plus I'm super worried about it being near my eyes like you :)

    You should do before/after photos if there's any difference! :) Thicker is always better, I'd rather have thicker lashes than long ones that get in the way! :) xxxx


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