Friday, 7 February 2014

The Blogger Interview Tag with April

Hi! How are you? Welcome to Touch Of Belle! Let's talk a little bit about your blog! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hellooo, So my names April and I run and which is more of a graphic portfolio.  For this little blog tag, I’ll talk about Beautiface. I set it up as a space to write about my daily battles with makeup, but it’s turned more into a lifestyle blog, with recipes and adventures.

How old are you?

How and Why did you start your blog?
I started as a little way to escape the hectic world, and write about my makeup buys, tries and fails. And there are a lot of fails. Initially I set up a free wordpress as I didn’t want to invest too much in it if I didn’t have time to keep it updated. Since then it has been thriving and I have bought my URL and am looking to switch to blogger as I can be more creative with design there.

What's your favourite thing about blogging?
At first, I liked blogging to have a little fun, I am a designer by trade so I really enjoyed the initial set up on the blog, and designing it. I think since starting I really enjoy meeting other bloggers, mainly on twitter, but it’s great that I have a whiole community of friendly open people

What is your favourite post to write?
I find reviews easiest to write, and love taking pictures for them. I don’t think I can choose a favourite post…I like variety so I like writing all different posts to vary topics.

How long have you been blogging for?
So collectively on both blogs I have been blogging for 2-3 years, but my little beauty blog has been going since January, so just under a year old.

If you could describe your style in one word, what would it be?
Fun. I always aim to have fun when writing posts and hope this comes across to people who read it

Where or who do you look to for style inspiration?
Style inspiration comes from everything and everyone. I can see someone on the bus with really lovely looking hair, then I’ll google similar styles, or I’ll see a friend who is wearing something in a really quirky way and think about what I can do with a similar item.

What are your must have products?
I’m going to go with beauty for this! So as winter approaches I am loving my wake me up foundation, it stays on lovely and keeps me from looking all drab and washed out. I use my Clinique moisture surge masque shameless plugging of the blog here. It is a great product if your skin tends to become dry in the winter like mine, and finally my gliss hair repair conditioning spray, as it keeps my hair from being too static.

Finally, do you have any advice or helpful tips you could give to new bloggers just starting out?
I would say get into the community as soon as you can, join chats, groups and just start talking to people on twitter. If you need help you will be surprised at how friendly the community can be. I was designing blog headers and buttons for free for a bit to help out bloggers who lacked the skills and software.
I would also say, get into a routine as soon as you can. It has taken me a year of trying to finally get myself a blog notebook to keep post ideas, and lists of things I need to do, like this lovely Q&A which I probably would have forgotten about if I hadn’t.

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