Thursday, 27 February 2014

Vichy Idealia Pro

I was keen to try this cream. I am using it like you would use a primer, before applying my normal moisturiser or tinted foundation. It sinks in easily and is not greasy. My red skin seems calmed after I apply this cream.

It comes as a pumper which dispenses a reasonable amount of product, allowing you can to spread evenly as the cream is very smooth and light. I use this every morning under my moisturiser and after 2 weeks, I am quite impressed. My skin definitely looks luminous and even. It's great to use under makeup and foundations, the only thing I found was that it doesn’t have a SPF to protect your skin in the summer but overall I really like it.

Most spot correctors require a day and night application, so it's great that Vichy recommends to only use the Idealia Pro every morning on thoroughly cleansed skin; not only can it be a pain to do more often but it means that it will last longer for me too! I love the smell, my skin feels immediately softer and smoother & you don't need to use too much to feel this effect. I do think my skin looks a lot healthier since using this & even helps make-up application look better!

Have you ever used this product? What do you think of it? let me know below!

*this was sent to me by PR for consideration of review

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