Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Pop Chips Review!

I was so excited when this box of pop chips popped through my door –Did you see what I did there haha!
They are thicker than your normal potato chip with a great crunch and more of an airy texture. One bag fills me up as a mid-day snack.

The flavours themselves have more of a kick to them so you can actually taste the flavour of the chips, personally I really liked this as with some chip crisps you don't really get a flavour but with these you do.
I would have to say the sea salt flavour is my favourite as it has plenty of flavour and is one of my favourites anyway, but I really liked it with the texture of the pop chips!
They are produced in the UK, and are available in Waitrose and WHSmith among others.

I felt there was a good amount in the bag, sometimes I feel you get short changed with bags of crisps and hardly get any.. I also felt like they didn't leave my hands too greasy after munching my way through a bag.

So, what makes Popchips a better snacking option to regular fried crisps? They're less than 100 calories per 23g bag, compared to normal fried crisps which can be anywhere between 130 to 270 calories, if not more. That is defiantely a plus.

Have you tried pop chips before? Let me know in the comments below!

* These were sent from PR for consideration of a review all thoughts are my own


  1. I have and they are a favorite snack of mine! I really like the salt and vinegar ones!

    1. They are so nice I love the texture of them!

      Gemma xx


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