Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Beauty UK compact face powder

Beauty UK Is a very affordable makeup brand I have reviewed their products before and love them! This powder* comes in 3 different shades light, medium and dark, I went for the light shade as my skin is very fair. 

The compact comes with a mirror and puff which is useful for if you are on the go, I prefer to use a brush if I'm not on the go as it means I get a better coverage and the powder doesn't look patchy.

I think for powdering my t –zone this is a great product as it does reduce the shine and if I need to I can top it up throughout the day, for the rest of my face I do find it to be a little to cakey and heavy for my liking but I prefer a natural looking makeup but If you like a higher coverage powder then I think you would really like this!

The compact is a great size for popping in your bag to use on the go, I found the powder lasted around 3 hours before I needed to reapply to my t zone areas, The powder is £3.99 and can be brought online or in Superdrug stores I think for the price it is a good powder.

Have you tried Beauty UK products before? Let me know what you think!

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