Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Blending sponge review

My favourite thing about the blending sponge is the flawless finish that it gives to my foundation. I have never achieved such a natural effect with any other applicator before.

I also love that it works with all liquid products- foundation, highlighter, concealer and cream blush, it has a bigger end which is great for my forehead, cheeks and chin and a pointed end which is perfect for reaching those hard to get areas like eyes and  around my nose.

It's really easy to use, you have to dampen the sponge, and it will expand to a bit bigger than the original size, if you used to sponge when it was dry, it would just absorb all of the product, trust me I tried it! I like to apply a pump of my foundation onto the back of my hand, dot it around my face and blend it with the Beauty Blender, you can also apply the foundation straight to the sponge and then apply if you prefer. The sponge is very soft I use a patting  motion to start with and then circular motions just to buff it all into my skin.

The only thing that brings the product down is trying to clean it, I use warm water and baby shampoo but find if you leave it a while without washing the sponge it becomes very difficult to keep it clean so I would recommend cleaning it every couple of days to keep it clean!

Have you tried the Blending sponge before? Have you used something similar before?


  1. I've never used the beauty blender but I really do want to give it a go in the near future! It seems like a lovely purchase!

    Hannah xo

    1. It is great! It is quite difficult to clean but I find it really helps!

      Gemma xx


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