Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My Travel Makeup Bag!

One of the things that I think of most when packing to go on holiday is what makeup I am going to need! When I'm travelling I have very limited space, so I can only take the things I will need! I am guilty of over packing and never using half the things I take so this year I have tried to limit what I take!
First off I pack my brushes and other tools I need in a separate bag, I normally put them in a mesh type bag just so they don't get damaged, this one is from the body shop.  

The brushes  I decided to take were:

-          Real techniques expert face brush
-          Real techniques buffing brush
-          Nanshy foundation brushes set, my favourite is the round buffer brush
-          UBU Smokey eye set
-          Eyelash curler
-          Real Techniques Powder brush

For my makeup I try to pack a few different things, I am going on a 2 week cruise so will need day makeup and makeup for night time. I tend to use the same products for day/night so I only needed to pack a few extra items!
For my base makeup L to R:

-          Rimmel stay matte powder
-          Beauty UK Primer
-          2true concealer
-          Rimmel Match perfection
-          No7 Highlighter
-          L'Oreal true match foundation

For eyes – L to R:

-          Maybelline the Falsies
-          MUA undress me too palette
-          MUA Matte
-          Maybelline Master drama kohl liner
-          Mini me eyeliner
-          HD brows

For Lips – L to R:

-          Revlon lip butter in tutti Frutti
-          No7 BB lips in Blink Pink
-          MUA Lip balm
-          No7 Lipstick in Waterlilly
-          Revlon lip butter in Sorbet

Skincare is really important for me when I go on holiday, as with the different temperatures etc. my skin can sometimes be effected, I know I will never do a full skincare routine, as much as I would like to say I do, but I would much rather spend time enjoying myself! 

For 2 weeks I have taken:

-          Witch blemish stick
-          Temple spa shower in a bottle (This is great for on the go!)
-          B exfoliating cleanser
-          B Micellar water
-          Body shop white musk

So that’s what is in my travel makeup bag! Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what your travel beauty products are below! 


  1. I think I used more space in my luggage on toiletries and cosmetics than clothes. Oops!

    Have a great holiday.

    1. Haha! I have just come back from a 2 week cruise and between 4 of us we took 8 big suitcases whoops!

      Gemma xx

  2. I'm so tempted to get the Loreal True Match foundation and the No 7 bb lips! I did a post recently on what I took on holiday if you'd like a look! http://lardygrub.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/holiday-makeup.html

    1. I love both of these products and would really recommend them! Especially the Loreal true Match foundation it is one of the best drugstore foundations I have tried!

      Gemma xx

  3. Can't beat real technique brushes, loving your blog design too by the way! X


    1. Thank you :) I love real techniques too! Although Nanshy brushes are great aswell!

      Gemma xx

  4. You have chosen some lovely products to take away with you. I love the Real Techniques brushes.


    1. They are my favourite brushes! But Nanshy have some great brushes aswell!

      Gemma xx


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