Sunday, 21 December 2014

My 18th Birthday!

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you may know that today is my 18th Birthday!! Back in October I did a 18 things before 18 post and seeing as I'm 18 today I thought I would reflect over what was on my list!

1.    Become Less Shy
Although Its hard to be specific in telling that you have become less shy, I have really opened up and have found myself talking to everyone. I recently had to do a presentation at college, which before would terrify me, to then say I got a A* and did the best in the class in something I am so proud of!

2.   Get all my Coursework done at grade B and above
I have managed this, in all my coursework recently I have been achieving Distinctions which I'm incredibly happy with.

3.   Re watch all my DVDs
This took me a hell of a long time! But I enjoyed watching each and everyone one of them again!

4.   Try a new food
I recently tried lychee which is a fruit and I really enjoyed it!

5.   Make new Memories
I went on a cruise at the end of October and I made so many new memories!

6.   Write a diary at least once a week
I am so glad I did this and managed to keep it up! It means I can look back over what I have done and keep all my memories together!

7.   Do something I haven't done before
On my recent holiday I went to Amsterdam, among other places, whilst we were there we took a trip to a little village around 30 minutes away from the centre of Amsterdam, here we watched cloggs being made, we brought some home and we have started to decorate them, which I have loved doing!

8.   Get a job/ work experience in photography
At college myself and a few others decided to set up our own photography business and so far its going really well!

9.   Make new Friends
Like I said before I recently went on a cruise and I have made some lifelong friends who I talk to everyday!

10.            Stay up all night
Me and a friend did this the other week, we just had a massive movie night and girly gossip!

11.            Do something that makes me happy
Travelling makes me extremely happy, I feel so comfortable and at home travelling to new places, I have been extremely lucky to have been to some amazing places in my life, and to have been to some amazing places this year makes me so grateful.

12.            Make my family and myself proud
I have recently got accepted for uni interviews and offered a conditional place!

13.            Become more independent
I feel like I have become a lot more independent recently I haven't relied on my parents as much to do things for me.

14.            Appreciate the little things
I have always been one to appreciate things no matter how big or small, but I have recently started a series called "because I'm happy" which I post about every so often with the little things that have made me happy that week!

15.            Make someone else happy
I have done a few things but one that made someone really happy was my best friend I surprised her with a Birthday party and took her out for her birthday!

16.            Keep my room tidy
I'm not going to lie this has been the hardest one! But I have managed to do it!

17.            Start saving money
Every time I earn or receive money I have been saving it!

18.            Visit somewhere new
Like I said at the start of this post I have been extremely lucky to visit some extraordinary places this year, I have recently come back off a holiday to Oslo, Norway. I have been to Norway before but never Oslo and it was the most beautiful city, everyone was so friendly. I also went to Amsterdam and Antwerp which again were amazing places to visit and some I hope to visit again!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments if you would like to see a what I got for my Birthday post! 


  1. Happy Birthday !
    It was a few years back when I turned 18, enjoy it :)

    Jenn @ Hello Gutentag

  2. I wish you happy birthday! ♥♥

    xo, Monika


  3. Have a wonderful 18th birthday! :)

  4. Happy birthday! Those are all really good and realistic goals to do :) Lychee is really tasty, it's one of my favorite fruits.

    becky ♡ star violet

  5. Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoyed it! :) I love your blog its so pretty :)

    Amber xx

    1. Thank you, I had such a lovely day and thank you, I'm really glad you like the design!

      Gemma xx

  6. Well done on managing everything on your list! Glad you had a lovely birthday :)
    The cruise sounds fun - I work in travel, which ship were you on? xx

    1. Thank you :) I would love to work in travel, I really want to work on cruises as I love to travel! I went on Fred Olsen Balmoral, but in the past have been on P&O :)

      Gemma xx


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