Sunday, 7 December 2014

My Unineed Wishlist!

Today I am going to be showing you what is on my Unineed Wishlist!

Who are Unineed?
Unineed is a Beauty an fashion retailer, they stock over 150 premium brands like Benefit,  Dior, Chanel and Urban Decay, but also brands like L'Oreal and Revlon so there is something for everyone! They offer amazing products for brilliant prices!
So lets get on with my Wish list!

1.       Benefit Foaming gentle facial wash - £16 RRP: £17.50
I have heard so many great things about this facial wash, you can never have too many!

2.       Essie Fear or Desire - £4.94 RRP: £9.95
I love Essie polishes and this looks like a gorgeous shade, perfect for the spring and summer! I am also a bargain lover and you can't beat £4.94 for an Essie polish!

3.       Clinique Chubby Stick Colour Balm - £14.99 RRP: £16
I love the look of Clinique's chubby stick, this would make a great socking filler!

4.       Clinique Mini makeup bag - £9.95 RRP: £25
I love the pattern on this makeup bag! You could use it for makeup or even as a pencil/ bag case., for £9.95 I think it is a bargain!

5.       Benefit Lemon aid colour correcting eyelidprimer - £13 RRP: £16.50
I love the sound of this! Who wouldn't want a 2 in one product? Firstly it corrects the colour of your eyelids to get rid of any redness and then it acts as a primer base for eye shadow!

6.       Benefit Go Tropicoral cheek and lip kit - £23 RRP: £25.50
This set looks amazing, and would make the perfect pressie for any makeup lover in your life! What I love is that it is for lips and cheeks so you can 2 in one! For £23 you get 4 products and a brush!

I am always looking out for a Eye and Lip remover, the last thing you want to do when you have come back after a night out is spend ages scrubbing to get your makeup off! This sounds like the perfect way to gently take away (as the name suggests!) all your eye and lip makeup!

I think this would make a great secret santa present or even a little gift for someone, I know I always need hand cream and lip balm in colder months!

9.       OPI date at the Golden Gate - £8.50 RRP: £11.95
This is the perfect Christmas nail shade, it would be great to get your nails ready for the festive season, forget about decking the halls, get your nails ready first!

10.   Maybelline the Falsies Volume Express Mascara - £6.85 RRP: £8.99
I have the normal Maybelline Falsies mascara and I honestly love it! So I knew I have to put this one on my wishlist, it is really affordable and would make a great stocking filler.

You can buy all of these products and many more at the Unineed website! Click here to have a look around!

So there you go, my Unineed wishlist! Let me know what you think about the products I chose and let me know in the comments what you would have picked!


  1. I love the falsies mascara - it's so great.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

    1. Its one of my favourite Mascara's! I haven't tried the volume express one before though!

      Gemma xx

  2. I've never heard of this website before but I can't wait to go on after this and have a browse. Love the look of the Benefit Tropical set x

    Beauty with charm

    1. I love Unineed, they do some amazing products! I have had my eye on the benefit set for ages!

      Gemma xx

  3. Thank you for showing me this website, i love it already!
    Love Vicki <3

    1. Your more than welcome Vicki, I'm really glad you love it!

      Gemma xx


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