Saturday, 17 January 2015

Twitter Blogging Chat Timetable!

Twitter chats take place almost every night during the week and involve bloggers getting together via Twitter to talk about a wide variety of topics. Some of these chats are themed  topics and the host will usually let everyone know at some point during the day what the topic is going to be that evening.
I’m quite forgetful and didn’t realise I was only participating in one Twitter chat a week when I could have easily done more! So  I decided to write down all the chats I could think of in order to share them with other bloggers.

Twitter chats

#BDIB – 7-8pm GMT – This is a themed chat for all bloggers!
#BDIB – 8-9pm EST – this is a general chat for all American and Canadian bloggers
#Bundlechat – 7-8pm GMT – A chat for beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers
#Beautybabble – 8-9pm GMT – A chat all about Beauty
#fbloggers – 8-9pm GMT -  Chat for Fashion Bloggers
#healthyselves – 8-9pm GMT – A chat all about health and mental health

#fblchat – 8-9pm GMT – A chat for Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle bloggers
#craftblogclub – 7-8:30pm GMT – A chat for people interested in crafts
#bloghour – 9-10pm GMT – A chat about tips and tricks for blogging

#ALTchat – 5-6pm GMT – A chat for bloggers and designers
#lbloggers – 7-8pm GMT – Chat for lifestyle bloggers
#bbloggers – 8-9pm GMT – General chat for Beauty bloggers
#stylechat – 8-9pm GMT – Chat for bloggers interested in fashion and styling
#Blogtacular – 9-10pm GMT – General chat for bloggers

#Bloggerspace – 7-8pm GMT – General chat for all bloggers
#tbloggers – 8-9pm GMT – chat for teen bloggers
#monetisemyblog – 8-9pm GMT – A chat about tips for making money from blogging
#fbloggers – 8-9pm GMT – Chat for fashion bloggers
#cbloggers – 8:30-9:30pm GMT – Chat for creative bloggers
#blogphotochat – 9-10pm GMT – For bloggers interested in improving photography
#beautichat – 9-10pm GMT – chat for beauty bloggers

#beautychat – 7-8pm GMT – Chat all about Beauty
#BDIB – 8-9pm GMT– A themed chat for all bloggers to join in with!
#mblogchat – 8-9pm GMT – chat for mummy bloggers

#tbloggers – 7-8pm GMT– Chat for teen bloggers
#socialbloggers – 6-7pm GMT – General chat for bloggers

#lbloggers – 7-8pm GMT – chat for lifestyle bloggers
#bbloggers – 8-9pm GMT – chat for beauty bloggers
#hbloggers – 8-9pm GMT – chat for health bloggers
#pbloggers – 9-10pm GMT – chat for parent bloggers

Follow these accounts on Twitter to keep up to date with Twitter chats and other useful info  lbloggers,bbloggers, fbloggers, fblchat and tbloggers.

If anybody else knows of any other chats which take place please let me know and I will add them to my list!


  1. Thanks for this hun, I haven't taken part in any chats since having my baby, as i can never remember when they're on!! I feel like I want to keep this little post with me at all times now!! lol

    1. Its great to have all the chats in one place! It makes it so much easier to remember! Hope this post helps and you can join in a few more chats :)

      Gemma xx

  2. Replies
    1. Its really handy having it in one place!

      Gemma xx

  3. Twitter chats are so great! I blogged about gem so I wouldn't forget too haha. PS xo

    1. haha Its a good way to keep them all together and to have a place to find them!

      Gemma xx

  4. Excited to take part in this girl!


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