Monday, 30 March 2015

Save money on Washing your makeup brushes!

There are so many cleansers and lotions out there to clean your makeup brushes, but they all have the same purpose… to clean your brushes! Makeup brushes hold so much bacteria so not washing them regularly can lead to break outs and I mean who wants to be using a brush that is basically spreading bacteria around your face?!

 Its one of those tasks that you can never be bothered to do but you need to do it! I wash my brushes on a weekly basis, but why spend a fortune on a brush cleaning product when you can use something you probably use at home!

Baby shampoo, its £1.75 from boots or a local supermarket and it works a treat! All I do is use a small dollop in the palm of my hand, run the bus under warm water and then swirl the brush on my hand, I do this until the water runs clear, then place them  lying down to dry.  You don't have to use baby shampoo, you can use any gentle shampoo you have! 

What do you clean your makeup brushes with? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. I'll definitely give this a go!

    Lydia //


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