Friday, 17 April 2015

kms hairplay

The KMS Hair play* can be used on both wet and dry hair and is essentially a dry wax in a spray can! It is easy to use, I just sprayed a bit on my towel dried hair and then blow dried my hair as normal, you can also use it to add texture by spraying it onto dry hair and then running your fingers through your roots to add volume.

I must admit I'm not normally a fan of using wax in a pot as it makes your hands all sticky and you have to rub the wax into your hair really well to make sure you don't get any clumps, so when I came to use this I was really fascinated at how it would work since its in a spray can but it actually saves so much mess and hassle, you just spray it in and then either brush it through or use your fingers and it adds volume.

This adds a natural looking texture to my hair and doesn't make it feel sticky or weighted down with product, The only slight downside I found is that for the first few hours the wax holds up well but after around 3 hours the volume whereas with wax in a pot it does last a lot longer.  You can buy this product online, click here, for £14.50.


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