Friday, 29 May 2015

Batiste Eden dry shampoo

The first thing that really strikes me is just how beautiful the packaging is, it has a floral print with birds and butterflies and lovely pastel colours and I just love it! It looks amazing on my dressing table! The next thing I noticed when I use it was the smell, It is a long lasting smell and I could still smell it hours later which I think is amazing, the smell reminds me of summer in a can, it’s a very light and fruity (the scent is meant to be sugar melon and honeysuckle)

Batiste Eden* is a new fragranced shampoo and is part of Batistes new dry shampoos that have a longer lasting scent. I have tried many different brands of dry shampoo but always come back to batiste as they are one of the best, the scents for the products are amazing and the actual product itself does what it says on the tin.

Unlike other dry shampoos I have used I don't get the grey/ white marks left in my hair which is great for on the go as It means I can spray in my hair and then dash out without having to worry about the annoying white marks, the amount of times I have run out in a rush to be told I have a weird white mark in my hair is never a good sign! This is great for days where you haven't cleaned your hair to make it feel and look cleaner but also on days where I have freshly washed my hair and want to add a bit of volume back into it.

You can find Batiste Eden for £3.99 in your local Superdrug. Let me know in the comments what your favourite dry shampoo is! 


  1. My fave is the cherry scented Batiste although I also like the fruity one, I forget what it's called.

    1. Batiste are my favourite dry shampoo brand, they really work the best for my hair!

      Gemma xx

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