Friday, 15 May 2015

Sponsored post // #Twingoflamingo

As you may know recently started my driving lessons, and in earlier the month I did a post all about surviving driving lessons, you can read that post here

Renault have released a new campaign that is about the idea of a dream car, it’s a really feel good campaign with the fun hashtag #twingoflamingo  most adverts of cars are normally pretty dull but this is such a good catchy advert that I just had to share it!

The advert is about a young girl in a lovely polka dot dress (Very summery if I do say so!) and she bursts into a song and dance when she goes inside to a Renault dealership (Picture broadway style ;) I don’t know about you but when I see most car adverts they are very generic and aimed more towards men, I think it is very refreshing to see something aimed towards girls and women. The advert is very fun and upbeat and is certain to keep you entertained between watching your favourite things on TV!

As the advert is all about dream cars I thought I would share some of what would make the perfect car!
-       Baby blue
-       Leather seats
-       Have a marc Jacobs perfume dispenser
-       Heated seats for winter
-       Juke box!
-       Built in drinks machine
Let me know in the comments what your dream car would be!

If you want to get involved with the campaign go over and use the hashtag #twingoflamingo

This post was sponsored by Renault but all opinions are my own.

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