Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Little Life Update:

It has been a long time since I have sat down to properly write a blog post. Life has been so hectic recently and because of that this blog has had to take a back seat but I am back and raring to go!

I have had a lot of good and exciting news recently that I thought I would share and just explain why I haven't had time for this little blog, the first thing being on the 10th September I passed my driving test! Yes thats right I can now legally drive on the roads! I have also been on the hunt for the perfect little car which I think I may have found and will keep you updated on!

The next exciting thing to happen was getting my new job, I work weekends and sometimes midweek and I have just loved every minute of it so far. Its something that earns me a little bit of money and I feel like I have really started paying my own way and becoming more independent, I think over the last 3 months I have grown a lot not only in my confidence but also my outlook on life and really only focusing on important parts of life rather than worrying over the smallest detail.

Some of you may or may not know but I am a volunteer for girl guiding and its something I am really passionate about, I run my own Guide group with 17 girls aged between 10-14 and it takes place once a week it is amazing seeing the girls grow week by week and helping each other to solve problems and it is amazing to hear and see them enjoying themselves and getting comments that guides makes their week. I would really encourage people to look in their local community to see if they have Guiding, scouting or any other activities they could help out at, it gives you a great sense of achievement and is something fun to do. You don't have to commit to going every week but even if you could help out occasionally it really does mean so much to the young people in the communities and gives them something positive to focus on.

I also decided I wanted to spent the summer with the people who mean the most to me: Family and close friends and for once decided to live my life for the now and not have to worry about the online world.

The last major event that has happened is.. going to university! This was a major step for me and if you have been reading my blog a while you may remember a post about me being uncertain about what I wanted to do but In the end I completely changed the subject I wanted to study and so far I think it has been the best decision I have made, I have already made so many great friends and am looking forward to the year ahead. At college I studied photography and really felt pressured into studying it at university and to me it just didn't feel right and I felt I would be going for someone other than me. I decided to go for a complete change but also something I have had a keen interest in all my life, I am now proud to say I am studying for a degree in British Sign Language and Deaf Studies.

I hope that explains a little about where I have been and why I haven't had time for this little blog. Leave me a comment below what you enjoyed about your summer!

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  1. That sounds like such an interesting degree, I didn't even know that kind of thing existed! I'll also be off to university in a couple of weeks and I'm thinking of finding a local Guiding group to help out at, I used to help at a Brownie pack a couple of years ago and it really was the most rewarding experience. Best of luck for the future! x


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