Wednesday, 25 November 2015

What I have been loving recently!

I have been discovering so many things recently that I have just fallen in love with so instead of keeping them to myself I thought I would share them for you to discover too!

The first one is my Christmas onesie and fluffy socks, if you don’t own any you have not lived! As soon as I get home from a long day at uni or work I put them straight on and instantly I feel relaxed. With the nights (and days) getting colder it is perfect coming home and getting snuggly warm. My favourite onesie is one I got from Primark a few years ago but there are lots of amazing onesies out there!

My second favourite may seem a little weird to you all but over the last few weeks I haven’t been feeling well I have been really tired from uni and work and then add that with being freezing cold pretty much most of the time It has really taken it out of me, so to perk me up I have been having hot blackcurrant! Yes you did read that right, if you haven’t tried it you really should! Any brand of blackcurrant works and it just tastes really nice and in someway its quite a festive drink!

If you didn’t already know I have started my first year at university and it is actually a lot more full on than I ever expected it to be and I have been finding it hard to relax and switch my brain off from all these essays we have to write (I have 3 due in the same day before Christmas and then another 3 on the same day after Christmas and they are all 2000-3000 words!) so I ordered some books off amazon as I love getting lost in a good book, my favourite so far has been Cecelia Ahern: How to fall in love. I will be doing some book reviews later on each book I have read so far!

My 3rd favourite has been Metcalfes skinny popcorn in the flavour sweet n Salt, I seriously cannot get enough of the stuff! It tastes amazing and it only has 75 calories so not only does it fill you up but it is a healthier alternative to ordinary popcorn or other sweets and chocolate.

Last but not least in complete contrast to the healthy option above is Homemade chocolate fudge (I will be doing a blog post soon, so keep an eye out for that) I have been making this since I was little, not all the time but just for special occasions. Recently as I haven’t done it for a while I thought I would make some up so I can give it around to my friends for a little Christmassy treat!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you have been loving recently in the comments below!

Saturday, 21 November 2015


I know you have probably already seen a lot of posts about the many different ways you can use Vaseline over the years but I just wanted to do a little post about the 2 ways it has really helped me as we have gone into winter.

Firstly my lips have been going dry and cracked with the cold weather setting in so I like to use a bit of Vaseline and sugar to make my own DIY scrub and then I take an old toothbrush just to buff away any old skin. It leaves my lips feeling nice and smooth!

At the moment because of the cold weather I have been getting really dry cuticles and have had some dry skin around the tips of my fingers I have just been using a small amount of Vaseline on my nails, nailbeds and cuticles just to give them a bit more moisture and it has worked wonders! My nails have never looked so nice and it has made them grow too!

What do you use Vaseline for? Let me know in the comments below!

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

MAC Rebel Review

Now that autumn is here I have been finding myself reaching more and more for darker lip. I have never really been someone who wears really dark or “out there” lipsticks but this year I have been challenging myself to change it and try to choose something other than the same old nude lip!

So with that being said I decided to get Rebel from MAC, it’s a dark berry shade with a slight hint of fuchsia and I must say I just love it! Rebel is a satin formula that is really easy to wear, it is creamy but not overly creamy and so it tends to last longer on my lips.

I get a good couple of hours of wear out of it before it starts to fade in the centre of my lips, but It does wear evenly and when it does eventually go I still have a very faint stain on my lips which actually I think looks quite nice and natural.

It is such a stunning colour and is perfect for this time of year! What is your favourite lipstick to wear for autumn/winter?