Tuesday, 3 November 2015

MAC Rebel Review

Now that autumn is here I have been finding myself reaching more and more for darker lip. I have never really been someone who wears really dark or “out there” lipsticks but this year I have been challenging myself to change it and try to choose something other than the same old nude lip!

So with that being said I decided to get Rebel from MAC, it’s a dark berry shade with a slight hint of fuchsia and I must say I just love it! Rebel is a satin formula that is really easy to wear, it is creamy but not overly creamy and so it tends to last longer on my lips.

I get a good couple of hours of wear out of it before it starts to fade in the centre of my lips, but It does wear evenly and when it does eventually go I still have a very faint stain on my lips which actually I think looks quite nice and natural.

It is such a stunning colour and is perfect for this time of year! What is your favourite lipstick to wear for autumn/winter?

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