Friday, 22 January 2016

Laughter is the best Medicine

They say that Laughter is the best medicine and I have to agree! I laugh all the time whether it’s a nervous giggle or full on laughing where you just can’t stop and every little thing is funny!

All throughout high school my friend and me would laugh at the silliest little thing and I don’t mean just small laugh’s we could be heard from a distance away! But it was so much fun and it made me happy but it was something that other people found annoying that we were always laughing and people would tell us to shut up. After this I hated laughing loudly at school, as I didn’t want to annoy people.

This year I am going to laugh as much as I can and just enjoy myself and not care what anyone else says about me. I don’t care if I look stupid for laughing at my friends fingers or laughing uncontrollably to the point I feel sick. It’s me. I love to laugh.

So I suppose the whole point of this post is to say to laugh at all those stupid moments with your friends, laugh at the awkward moments and to laugh like no one is watching you.


  1. I defenitely agree! Me and my best friend used to laugh at everything when we were in the same lessons together and people probably found us annoying but at least I was enjoying my time at school and getting my work done x lovey post x

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