Sunday, 5 June 2016

Summer Tag

Favourite Bronzer for Summer?
I'm not really a bronzer type person but If I use one I go for the bourjois bronzing powder. 
You're relaxing on a hammock on a tropical island, what would you be sipping on?
Some sort of fruit smoothie or a mocktail! 
Favourite Summer Lipstick?
In the summer unless I am going out somewhere I prefer to use a bit of maybelline baby lips for a bit of sheer colour and to add moisture to my lips!
Pool or Beach?
By far the pool, I love swimming! Fun fact about me I hate swimming in the sea, I went on holiday when I was younger to the caribbean and the water was so clear you could see everything and I nearly stood on literally THE BIGGEST crab and it has put me off since! I also don't like salt water in my eyes! 
Summer = crazy hair. What's your must have styling product?
Sea salt spray!
Sunbathing or Fake Tan?
Neither? I can't sunbath as I burn straight away and I do not suit fake tan as I'm so pale! 
Favourite Summer Nail Polish?
I don't have a favourite brand but either a mint green or a fun pink! 
Any Summer Traditions?
Nope we just see where it takes us! 
Favourite Summer Scent?
NSPA raspberry body mist it just adds a nice fresh scent. 
Favourite BBQ food?
Favourite Summer Proof Makeup?
Rimmel stay matte powder helps me stay shine free! 
Any Summer Vacations planned?
Not this year so far, hopefully we will go and visit some family and then go on spontaneous trips!
I tag you all to do this tag!
If you give it a go make sure to comment the link so I can give it a look!