Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Picture Perfect Polaroids*

Summer is a great time to show off your home, the garden is full of flowers that are looking the best and everywhere just looks better with that summer sun shining through! I was recently send a Instax Mini* To show off my house and share the images with you! I decided on the colour light blue and I love the colour, it is definitely a summer colour! 

Here are some of the images I have taken, I had so much fun organising my rooms and making sure I got the perfect picture, this was also the first time I have ever used a Instax Mini so I loved learning all about it and it was so much fun to take the picture and instantly have a printed version. 
I think now a days it is all too easy to take thousands of pictures on digital cameras but never get around to having them printed and I think it is really important to have printed photos and cherish the memories from them. 

I take massive pride in my house and love to share off all the new interior products, so getting the chance to actually appreciate my house in photos was a really great experience! 
Recently I have been redecorating and just adapting my house to reflect more of my personality and I think this shows in the pictures, I love the picture of my garden and think its a really cute photo! 

This post is in conjunction with a project from Ocean Loans, the main aim of the project is to celebrate our homes this summer and to take pride in every element from the garden to your office! Our homes can offer so many great pictures from family pictures from your living room to wildlife photography in your garden. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! What is your favourite place in your home and where would you take a photo if you could choose anywhere? Let me know in the comments! 

*Disclaimer, I was sent the Instax Mini to use to take images around my home but all views and words in the post are my own* 


  1. I would take pictures of me and my boyfriend lazing at home - dull but important to capture!

  2. How cute is this little camera! As a child, I took a liking to photography. My dad got me my first camera and it was an old school polaroid camera. I still have it! It's cool to see how the polaroid camera looks so different now.

    - Maya at


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