Sunday, 30 October 2016

Because I'm Happy

I’m back again with my little moments that have made me happy this week! I would love to hear what makes you happy and if you prefer the little things or a big surprise!

1)   Watching the sun set

2)   Seeing other people happy

3)   Changing into PJ’s after a long day

4)   Getting a nice text off a friend

5)   Going for lunch with an old friend

Let me know in the comments your top 5 moments this week!

Friday, 28 October 2016

Confessions of a blogger

I have been blogging for 3 years now, the time has literally flown by! I thought it would be fun just to look at some of the things bloggers don’t like to admit!

1. Blogging in our Pyjamas – come on don’t judge me! Its super comfy and who is going to see you anyway? Apart from when the postman comes to deliver that blog parcel you forgot about!

2. We like to moan – You can always rely on twitter to have a good moan, we like to vent about blogging and social media is normally the way to do it!

3. Ideas come at the most awkward moments – like 5 minutes into a shower and you can almost guarantee that after all that singing and acting like your in a musical you will have forgotten that great idea. Damn it!

4. We sometimes miss spelling or grammar mistakes – Yes we have all been there, I know I have many a times! I can read my posts countless times and still miss a typo until some very eagle eyed readers pick up on it!

5. Mess - Everywhere in your house is messy apart from where you blog and then tiny little square in your bedroom that is for taking blog photos!

6. We hate old blog posts – Looking back is a no go as we cringe at every old post!

7. We spend most our time on social media – whether it’s talking to other bloggers or networking our posts we can’t help but check every 5 minutes!

8. Exciting emails – We have all been there when an exciting email lands into your inbox and it easily makes your day!

9. Friends – you spent most your time speaking to people online rather than actually going out and socialising “Sorry I can’t come out the #bdib chat is on!”

 10. Comparing – We are all guilty of this but we just can’t help comparing our blogs to others no matter how much we try!

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Because I'm Happy

Writing these lists make me feel so warm and really appreciate every little thing that makes me smile, so I’m back again with my top 5 little moments!

1)   Warm hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream.. yummy!

2)   Having a good makeup day

3)   Wearing cosy socks and jumpers when its cold

4)   Listening to my favourite songs

5)   Washing my face at the end of the day… may seem a little weird but it feels so good!

Let me know in the comments what has made you smile this week!

Friday, 21 October 2016

Letter to my younger self

Dear Gemma,

You have so many exciting things ahead of you! You will have ups and downs but you will get through it and be okay.

I wish I could say that it’s going to be plain sailing but the reality is it’s not. You are going to have dark times and down days but these are what is going to make you stronger and push you to achieve anything you set your mind too.

Don’t spend your time with people who want you to act a certain way, find people who love you for you and if people don’t see how great you truly are then they aren’t worth your time at all. Do what makes you happy and if you aren’t happy change it, you are in control and remember you are never going to let anyone else down you need to live for you and not other people.
Make the most of being a kid, you will miss it when you grow up (Although you will still act like a complete lunatic most of the time!) Just embrace your craziness and remember it is okay to be different, just be that weird wacky girl I know you want to be!

There are going to be times when you don’t know what the hell you are doing, you still don’t have an idea! But you will get by and make the right decisions for you, don’t let anyone influence you.

You will learn in life that you can’t please everyone, please don’t change yourself to fit in you are better than that and you will find amazing friends who love you. You are going to go through stages in life that you look back on a think “Why the hell did I do that” and maybe look at pictures with that god damn awful hairstyle but trust me you will find *some* sort of fashion sense!

You have a lot to look forward to but enjoy the now and enjoy being a young kid, you have your whole life to grow up so don’t go wishing it away. If you want to go dancing around the street.. do it! Keep up your photography and all the other things you love!

Keep going kiddo you are doing an amazing job!