Friday, 18 November 2016

My 2am Thoughts

Since its been summer I have been enjoying the lighter nights so generally speaking have been going to bed a lot later than usual. I can often find myself saying “I will just watch one more Youtube video” to 3 hours later still being stuck in the black hole that is YouTube watching a video on how you make ice cream. I thought it would be a bit of fun to share my 2am thoughts.

1.     I said I was having an early night tonight

2.     I’ll just write my to do list for tomorrow in case I forget it.

3.     It was only 12 when I last checked, how did it get so late?!

4.     * Counts how many hours you have till your alarm goes off *

5.     I will just watch one more video.. an hour later

6.     Why am I always so much more productive at 2am?!

7.     * Has a billion different blog post ideas *

8.     Did I actually lock the front door * Gets up to check, gets back in bed and 5 minutes later needs the toilet *

What are your thoughts at god knows that time in the morning?

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