Sunday, 30 December 2018

Because I'm happy

So I have not done one of these posts in a longgg time, but I love writing them as it helps to reflect on all the little things in life that make me happy.

1. Having clean bed sheets: 

This is such a simple one but I absolutely love getting into bed after a long day and the bed sheets being clean! 

2. Christmas Movies: 

I love any excuse to watch a good Christmas film and as December is drawing to a close I thought it was only right to mention this. Christmas films just fill me with such a warm feeling, its like for a few hours you can completely turn off and get wrapped up in a feel good film. 

3. Jasmine tea:

mmmmmm so I never have been someone who drinks tea and coffee, I was always more of a hot chocolate kind of gal but since being with Harry and him introducing me to Jasmine tea its always something I will reach for before cosying up and watching a good TV Series.

4. Baking: 

 Albeit I'm not the best baker out there nor claim to be... but everyone loves a trier right?! Recently for my sisters 19th Birthday myself and Harry spent hours baking and then re baking when it went wrong cakes and cupcakes and I think we did an amazing job! We stuck some music on whilst we did it and probably much to Harry's dismay I did my embarrassing dancing/ prancing around the kitchen whilst using the wooden spoon as a microphone... anyone else do that or is it just me? 

5.  Jam on toast:

Again such a small thing but it really has been starting my day off really well and on a happy note! I hadn't had jam on toast in years but thought I would give it a try recently and I have been loving it! 

So there we go some of the little things in life that has made me smile. I am thinking of making this a monthly feature on my blog as I really do love writing them! Let me know in the comments some of the things that have made you happy this month! 

Sunday, 23 December 2018

22 life lessons at 22

So it was my 22 birthday 2 days ago and I was sat on a beach in Barbados soaking up the sun (don't worry I had my kids factor 50 on, the perks of being a red head!) But it gave me a little bit of time to reflect and give out some of the life lessons I have learnt over the years!

1. It's okay not to have your whole future mapped out, I still don't know what I want to do in the long run but what I do know is that I am having fun and thats all that matters.

2. Spend time with people that matter - especially with my job I am away for around 10 months of the year which is extremely hard but it makes me so much more fortunate with the time that I do have.

3. You will always end up going back to your mum no matter how old you get! I know its one of the first places I go if I have a problem.

4. Don't worry about what people think, as long as you're having a good time who cares what they think.

5. It is more than okay to put yourself first.

6. Not everyone in life is genuinely going to be there for you when times get hard, its all about finding the good eggs.

7. No one cares what you look like in the gym.... just go do your workout and then carry on with your day!

8. Positive mind set is everything! If you don't like something you have the power to change it, you just need to right mind set and get up and go to achieve it!

9. Everything happens for a reason - I am a HUGE believer in this, it might seem unfair at the time but you learn from it and it makes you a better person.

10. Passions in life change - something you once loved may not even be something you consider now, same with jobs just because you chose a certain path doesn't mean you have to stick to it!

11. Deal with things as and when they happen - there is no point stressing about something that hasn't even happened yet. I am the worlds worst for this but I have slowly over the years started putting this into practise and I have noticed a huge difference.

12. Make the big problems small, not the other way around - again very similar to the last one but I am a very dramatic person and will blow the smallest of issues way out of proportion and get myself so worked up about it.

14. Everyone has insecurities - If we were all the same life would be pretty boring.

15. Never take life too seriously, you have to have fun once in a while, learn to make a fool of yourself and not to care who is watching. 

16. Make time for yourself, do things that you love to do and things that make you smile every day! 

17. Make you're bed every day - so my theory to this is that making you're bed is the first accomplishment of the day, even if the day doesn't turn out the way you planned you have atleast accomplished one thing! 

18. Don't keep you're "Best" things for special occasions, every day is a special day.... if you want to burn that candle or use a new perfume do it! 

19. Be confident in who you are. 

20. Cherish every single moment with family and friends and remember to tell people how much you love them. 

21. Always listen and learn - education is never wasted no matter what form it takes, whether its learning a new skill off someone or going to school, college, etc. 

22. Work hard. Play hard. Love hard. 

Thank you for all the birthday messages so far and here is to the best year yet! 

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Favourite Festive Films

Anyone or knows me or has been reading my blog for a while will know that I love the festive season, but I also am a huge film fan! I thought it would be really fun to share my top 5 Christmas films incase your stuck with what to watch over the festive period!

1. ELF

This is probably my favourite Christmas film ever! Its one of those feel good films that, and I feel like I have an inner Buddy the Elf where I do weird and wacky things! I'm also one of those people who can quote the entire film and quite often do much to everyone's annoyance!

2. The Nativity Series

These are most definitely up there and a very close 2nd to ELF, last month a new Nativity film was also released and so that has jumped right to the top of my priorities right now. I just adore each of these films and laugh ridiculous amounts whilst watching them!

3. Princess Switch

So this has recently been released on Netflix and although its not my usual kind of film I found it really endearing. Vanessa Hudgens plays the main characters and if you have ever seen Parent trap its a similar Idea where 2 people, who just happen to look exactly the same, switch identities! It's worth a watch!

4. The Grinch

This is just one of those classics, you can't have Christmas and not watch the Grinch! I love Jim Carrey and he fits the role perfectly! A must see for all the family!

5. Home Alone

Action packed. I also hope I'm not the only one but whenever I'm home alone I have little ideas in my head of things I would do if someone tried to break in... just me?!

So what is your favourite Christmas Movie?

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Yes. Yes and Yes!

" The world's a playground. You know that when you are a kid, but somewhere along the way everyone forgets it" 

So for those of you who don't know that quote is from the film Yes Man which stars Jim Carey, if you haven't already watched it I would highly recommend it! I watched it for the first time the other day and it really got me thinking about lots of different things and opportunities in life that I decided not to take. 

Staying in your comfort Zone.

Yes is such a simple word yet can be feared by so many, myself included in that and we shouldn't be so scared and instead embrace it! At the same time we also shouldn't feel obliged to say Yes but sometimes it can be good to do things that are out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to see a wider picture. 

Simply Yes.

Over the years I have spent a long time double thinking myself, whether I'll be okay at something and just generally hiding behind what I thought was my comfort zone. Saying yes could be as simple as trying a new restaurant, deciding to join a club or meeting new people. 

Saying yes can open so many new doors, this year I have been trying to say yes to more things and trying to really push myself out my comfort zone. I've been trying to open myself up to new ideas that maybe I've never thought about, sometimes because I just didn't want to but most of the time because I thought maybe I wouldn't succeed, but how do you measure success? My successes might not be someone else's and they have a completely different idea to what success means to them and thats okay, I've learnt just like anything you can measure it in different ways. 

Of course there needs to be boundaries, life is far to short to focus on things that we don't enjoy or to associate ourselves with people who don't make us feel good. I've decided on a few things that I want to say yes to if the opportunities arise but i'd also to be open to the possibilities I might not have thought about. But I know myself what my personal boundaries are and again this will always be different for everyone. 

You never know until you try.

One of the main things I would always say no to was Public Speaking, we had to do an assessment at college on this once and I just remember crying to my friend because it terrified me especially because it was infront of a group of people I didn't really know. Still to this day even the thought of public speaking makes me a little nervous but over the last year in my new job I had to do it on a regular basis, now I can go up on a stage with a microphone in front of hundreds of people and confidently deliver a speech and do you know the best thing about it? It feels SO GOOD! I will now volunteer to go do a speech, yes I still get nervous before I go on but that's normal like with anything but that feeling after I have made a speech to 700 people and coming off that stage with people saying how good it was delivered makes me feel on top of the world! 

So the question is should I take a chance on something new? YES! I would love to know in the comments what you are going to say Yes to! 

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Film Fanatic Favourites

One of the things myself and Harry particular enjoy doing is our cinema trips. We are regulars at Vue and for the time we have together we can be found in the box office at least once a week – it’s a staple of our relationship. So here are a few top picks that we have come across; you may find a common theme in what we like to see: very much actioney-thrillery types that being said Harry was willing to see The Greatest Showman after much persuasion haha.

So, please do brace yourselves for the first post from Harry. I have told him to keep it clean and nice. Enjoy!


1)      Den of Thieves

Empire said: “ It’s strictly seen-it-all-before crime thriller territory.

Well… Might have to disagree with you on that one. Admittedly the main allure for this one came from my excessive persuasiveness and always insightful opinion; “that’s got 50cent in” Anything it else was a bonus as long as his idol was there. It also allowed for me to spend the succeeding hour after the film going into great detail into how the film reflected a lot of the plot of ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ which I'm sure I will take great delight in posting about in the near future which I'm sure you'll all enjoy. What more could you ask for for a couple of hours: Heists, fights, shots fired and Gerrard butler wearing nothing more than a bullet proof vest and a police badge. Sounds good to me doesn't it? 

Gemma says: “ I actually thought it was alright, quite enjoyed that. I see its now on Netflix so no doubt Harry will want a repeat”

Harry says: “50 cent kicks ass. A lot like GTA 5 but I like GTA 5.”

2)   King of Thieves

Empire Said: An old-school film about an old-school crime that brings together an impressive array of British legends.

Spotting a theme here? To paraphrase Michael Caine, King of Thieves is a British thriller with an experienced and iconic English actors that certainly blows the bloody doors off - clever eh?. King of Thieves takes on the Hatton Garden Heist of 2016 where a group of men aged 61-73 pulled off one of the most notorious robberies on British soil since the great train robbery of the 60’s. As Reader, Michael Caine delivers haunted gravitas; his character’s wife has just died and he’s the one felon truly torn between going straight, something he promised her he would do, and doing one last job; whilst this may sound a touch on the clichéd side does provide the thrills in the right places and is something I will be watching again. Ray Winstone, Tom Courtney and Michael Caine in the same picture. You can’t go wrong.

As a side note, this marks the first of a break in trend for us. Like I said under normal circumstances we’d be at Vue taking in the £4.99 bargain. However on this occasion, while on a short break in Barton we took in the newly developed ‘Flower Bowl” Part of the vast complex is its cinema which is so intimate and homely I love it – plush sofas, foot rests, buckets of popcorn. I highly recommend if you can make it you go.


3)   Gringo

Empire said: A pitch-black, often very funny slice of pulp fiction with a number of stand-out performances, notably the ferocious Theron.

If you fancy a laugh then look no further. Gringo differs from most Tarantino-esque flicks in that it has a clear lead, in David Oyelowo’s (Gring) hapless Harold Soyinka, a Nigerian immigrant and all-round nice person who’s had it  with his dead-end job and mounting debt, but just finds himself getting deeper with every terrible decision he makes. Sounds quirky enough. Gringo differs from most Tarantino (of pulp fiction fame) homage flicks in that there are heaps of laughs and sound bites SOMEOME will no doubt be repeating and using for a good while – 'Withnail and I' springs to mind. Think Bourne Identity, meets Pulp Fiction, meets Narcos meets the Chuckle Brothers and you have Gringo. Charlese Theron doesn’t get much of a look-in and the sub plot of which she is major too takes somewhat of a background, you feel Harold is punching bag for the audience at times you feel for him but hey.. I like a laugh.

Well guys that was my top 3 picks of our cinema visits. Hopefully i'll be back soon for more posts and we’ll get to know each other more as time goes on. Happy reading and see you all soon. 

And just as a little side note... just to show how often we do go and the amount we have seen, we must get onto Vue for a potential loyalty scheme!

Harry xx

Sunday, 25 November 2018

The boyfriend tag

So this is something that did the rounds a few years back on Youtube but I thought it would be a fun little post for myself and Harry to do together. As I'm sure you can tell by the title we will be doing the boyfriend tag, its basically and Q&A post and we will see how much Harry does or doesn't listen to me!

1. Where did we meet?

Blackpool North Pier
Correct – in the freezing cold and rain!
2. Where was our first date?

Weatherspoons.. Blackpool  
That’s the one, it was kind of impromptu and mainly because it was pouring down with rain
3. What was your first impression of me?

Lovely smile, easy to talk to and rather pleasant. Potential second date material? Most definitely.
Not sure you would have said this to me on the date!

4. When did you meet my family?

Oooo I think it was maybe 2-3 weeks of it becoming official that I was introduced to them, it was a spontaneous evening we just decided to do it. My god I was nervous.
Very out the blue and was a success!
5. Do I have any weird obsessions? If so, what...

Not that I know of, not weird anyway. To be fair you’re not really the obsessive sort anyway. I mean you have your things you're really into but not really obsessed with things. 
Yep…. Not the obsessive type at all!
6. How long have we been together? 

Just over a year 
Yes we have

7. Do we have any 'traditions'?

Monday Movies at Vue
Matchday of a Saturday 
Great Fortune House if we eat out 
Stopping by to play Guitar Hero if we are in Blackpool 
The monthly songs 
Nightly calls if we are away

8. Where was our first holiday?

A cruise to Iceland and Greenland with a couple of stops in Scotland

What an amazing time we had too!

9. What was the first thing you noticed about me? 

That you wore glasses – all the pictures of you didn’t show them. Not that that’s a bad thing

Well yanno reflections in photos and what not ;)

10. What is my favourite restaurant?

That one in Madeira that does steak on a stone or Great Fortune at home

Steak on a stone and Chinese… what could be better!

11. What do we argue about the most?

Whether the car one of us has spotted whilst we are out and about is yellow or not
 Often followed by you telling me that it was either gold or green haha

12. Who wears the trousers in the relationship?

I don’t know….. bit of both maybe? Haha I’ll take you’re answer though!

13. If I am watching TV, what am I watching?

Forensic Files

Most definitely, I am in love with this at the moment and its all I watch!

14. What is one food I do not like? 


This is something I didn’t tell you for the longest time as I didn’t want to seem rude…. But you put it in most things you cooked haha.

15. What drink do I order if we go out for a meal?

Lemonade or Pepsi


16. What size are my feet?



17. What is my favourite kind of sandwich?

Tuna mayonnaise
Bloody love a good sandwich!

18. What is one talent I have?

Magic and balloon modelling
Just a little something different.

19. What would I eat everyday if I could?

Duck Pancakes

Enough said!

20. What is my favourite Cereal?


 Strange but it sure is!
21. Where was our first kiss? 

At my house before a night out.

Oh yes… when I nearly broke one of your records… whoops
22. What colour are my eyes?


23. Who is my best friend?

Of course!

24. What is something you do that I wish you wouldn’t do?

Say “Other opinions are available”
I cannot stand it!

25. What kind of cake would you bake me on my birthday?

Victoria Sponge

Sounds yummy to me!

26. What can I spend hours doing?
Yeah my bad, I’m just a very sleepy little sausage!

27. If I could live anywhere where would it be?

I would love to live there!

28. What is your favourite thing about me? 
Little Smile and you’re hair

So there we have it, I really enjoyed having Harry on my blog again and he actually did rather well. He must be taking notes! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 

Sunday, 18 November 2018

I see you book review

"You do the same thing every day. You know exactly where you're going. You're not alone... When Zoe Walker sees her photo in the classifieds section of a London newspaper, she is determined to find out why it's there. There's no explanation: just a grainy image, a website address and a phone number. She takes it home to her family, who are convinced it's just someone who looks like Zoe. But the next day the advert shows a photo of a different woman, and another the day after that. Is it a mistake? A coincidence? Or is someone keeping track of every move they make..." 

This novel is a crime thriller and is written by Clare Mackintosh, it was published in 2016 and I think is one of my favourite books I have read in a long time! I was completely gripped the entire way through and wanted to keep reading to find out what happened.

The book has 3 different narratives, the first is from a mum called Zoe who has two teenage kids, the second is Kelly a policewoman who has a trait for always breaking the rules and the 3rd is a snippet into the person behind everything.

What I love is that the book is so relatable, how many of us will follow a certain routine, drive a certain way everyday, stop at the same local shop, catch the same time train. The book essentially is talking about how vulnerable you become when you become predictable. The main plot follows Zoe and Kelly's hunt to find whoever is placing the newspaper ads and to stop them before it goes too far.

I found this book in my local supermarket as there was a charity stall raising money and this just caught my eye and I knew as soon as I read the blurb it would be a book that I loved! There are moments in the book that made me quite jumpy and on edge, especially since I was home alone. There was tension in all the right places and the suspension was kept throughout the entire novel.

I would highly recommend this book, the ending was absolutely incredible and one that I did not see coming at all, I was convinced I knew what the ending would be but boy I couldn't have been further from the truth.... they always catch you out don't they?! What I love about this book in particular is that the Author Clare actually used to be in the police force herself and so I feel like this book reflects on that and truly captures the reader from the start. Have you read any of Clare's books before? Would love to hear your comments below!

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Boyfriend guesses prices for my beauty products

Today I thought I would get my boyfriend involved with my blog, we spend so much time together and so am putting him to the test to see if he can correctly guess my beauty products, Harry was very much up for doing this and I think he secretly loved it! He has never been shopping with me for any of these products and so didn't have a clue about the prices, here are his answers!

Product 1. Collection lasting perfection concealer 

Harry's Guess:
Well it's last perfection and seems like the sort of thing most people would use to cover and for the size of it I'll say £7.

Actual Price £4.19

Product 2. L'oreal hydra genius aloe water

Harry's Guess:
I reckon that this could be quite pricey, big bottle so I will say £30.

Actual Price £9.99

Product 3. Estee Lauder advanced night repair 

Harry's Guess: Well Gemma has used this on me a few times, mainly when she's put too much on her hands and doesn't want to waste it! I'm going to say £50.

Actual Price £76

Product 4. Estee Lauder advanced night repair eye concentrate matrix 

Harry's Guess:
I'm going to stick with £50 for this one as its a slightly smaller bottle than the last one!

Actual Price £49

Product 5. Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb perfume 

Harry's Guess: £105
This is quite a big bottle

Actual Price £105

So I think we can safely say that I'll stick to buying these products myself. Have you ever tested your boyfriend on beauty products would love to hear your comments below! 

Sunday, 4 November 2018

My Haircare saviour!

So I first discovered these products whilst working away, for those of you who don't know I work on cruise ships and I find that this can sometimes affect my hair and its appearance. The water onboard is a lot harsher than my water in my home and has a higher chlorine content so I needed something that would keep my hair looking and feeling great.

One of my friends onboard introduced me to the new L'oreal dream lengths range, there are 4 products within the range - the restoring shampoo, detangling conditioner, no hair cut cream and the saviour hair mask.

The range is primarily for longer hair and I would say that my hair is medium length, its just past my shoulders, however these products work absolute wonders on my hair and I would recommend for most hair lengths!

The no hair cut cream is by far my favourite product in the range and one that I use religiously! I was so impressed the first time I ever used this and noticed a real difference straight away my hair felt smoother and looked sleek and shiny. I have used it every day since, it's designed as a leave in conditioner with heat protector which can be used on wet or dry hair.

The hair mask is designed as a deep conditioner to be used along side the other products around once a week to provide an extra bit of TLC for your hair! The whole range also smells amazing.... who doesn't want a good smelling shampoo?!

I've been using the products now for about 3 months and have noticed such a difference in my hair it feels so much more moisturised and in a much better condition. At the moment there are some great offers on this range and can be brought from a variety of different supermarkets aswell as Boots and Superdrug.

Have you tried this product before? As always I love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.