Sunday, 11 November 2018

Boyfriend guesses prices for my beauty products

Today I thought I would get my boyfriend involved with my blog, we spend so much time together and so am putting him to the test to see if he can correctly guess my beauty products, Harry was very much up for doing this and I think he secretly loved it! He has never been shopping with me for any of these products and so didn't have a clue about the prices, here are his answers!

Product 1. Collection lasting perfection concealer 

Harry's Guess:
Well it's last perfection and seems like the sort of thing most people would use to cover and for the size of it I'll say £7.

Actual Price £4.19

Product 2. L'oreal hydra genius aloe water

Harry's Guess:
I reckon that this could be quite pricey, big bottle so I will say £30.

Actual Price £9.99

Product 3. Estee Lauder advanced night repair 

Harry's Guess: Well Gemma has used this on me a few times, mainly when she's put too much on her hands and doesn't want to waste it! I'm going to say £50.

Actual Price £76

Product 4. Estee Lauder advanced night repair eye concentrate matrix 

Harry's Guess:
I'm going to stick with £50 for this one as its a slightly smaller bottle than the last one!

Actual Price £49

Product 5. Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb perfume 

Harry's Guess: £105
This is quite a big bottle

Actual Price £105

So I think we can safely say that I'll stick to buying these products myself. Have you ever tested your boyfriend on beauty products would love to hear your comments below! 


  1. Hi Gemma,

    This post is genius! I actually think Harry did a great job with his guesses - well done to him! I always joke that my boyfriend knows way too much about makeup thanks to me harping on about it all the time. I also know a surprising amount about Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu despite never having done it, mainly thanks to him harping on about that all the time too! Funny what we can pick up on from our partners isn't it?!
    Hanna Rose
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    1. It is funny the little things that you suddenly know about each other and become experts in haha. We had so much fun doing this and it was a really nice way to spend the evening!

      Gemma xx

  2. Haha I love this post! I love that he knows how much your perfume cost, not bad guesses all in all! xx

  3. Haha, he’s a pretty good guesser! Might have to try this on my guy
    Lex |

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