Sunday, 30 December 2018

Because I'm happy

So I have not done one of these posts in a longgg time, but I love writing them as it helps to reflect on all the little things in life that make me happy.

1. Having clean bed sheets: 

This is such a simple one but I absolutely love getting into bed after a long day and the bed sheets being clean! 

2. Christmas Movies: 

I love any excuse to watch a good Christmas film and as December is drawing to a close I thought it was only right to mention this. Christmas films just fill me with such a warm feeling, its like for a few hours you can completely turn off and get wrapped up in a feel good film. 

3. Jasmine tea:

mmmmmm so I never have been someone who drinks tea and coffee, I was always more of a hot chocolate kind of gal but since being with Harry and him introducing me to Jasmine tea its always something I will reach for before cosying up and watching a good TV Series.

4. Baking: 

 Albeit I'm not the best baker out there nor claim to be... but everyone loves a trier right?! Recently for my sisters 19th Birthday myself and Harry spent hours baking and then re baking when it went wrong cakes and cupcakes and I think we did an amazing job! We stuck some music on whilst we did it and probably much to Harry's dismay I did my embarrassing dancing/ prancing around the kitchen whilst using the wooden spoon as a microphone... anyone else do that or is it just me? 

5.  Jam on toast:

Again such a small thing but it really has been starting my day off really well and on a happy note! I hadn't had jam on toast in years but thought I would give it a try recently and I have been loving it! 

So there we go some of the little things in life that has made me smile. I am thinking of making this a monthly feature on my blog as I really do love writing them! Let me know in the comments some of the things that have made you happy this month! 

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