Sunday, 10 March 2019

10 Fun Facts About Me!

So in general day to day life I bloody love a good fun fact probably much to everyones annoyance since I am constantly saying it! So I thought it would be really nice to share some little facts about me that you might not know!

1. I am a huge lover of all things crime, whether its watching the latest crime documentary or crime book I am obsessed and love to guess whose done it or give my opinion to anyone around willing to listen! 

2. I can't wrap present to save my life - over the years I have got better at it... so long as its a box shape other than that nope I have not got a clue and so love the fact you can buy such pretty present gift bags! 

3. Speaking of presents I don't like people watching me open presents but I love watching other people! 

4. I am a observer - now this sounds proper creepy but I promise you it isn't! I love to just sit in a cafe and watch the world go by and just take in my surroundings and watch people going about their day and making me own little stories of what they could be doing! 

5. I once got banned from toothpaste! So for my 6 weeks summer holidays I used to spend it with my grandad in the lake district I absolutely loved it but one year I started eating my toothpaste like it was a sweet and got it taken off me! 

6. I have never owned an ipod up until last year when harry brought me one as a welcome home present... It has been well worth the wait I love it! 

7. I used to canoe on a weekly basis and did a 20 mile charity canoe race to raise money and awareness for breast cancer care. 

8. I have the same dream before and during when I am poorly and its the worst dream EVER and makes me feel even more sick! 

9. Mint is my favourite flavour whether its chocolate, ice cream or hot chocolates even scent I just bloody love it! 

10. I used to be scared of spiders till I met Harry and he is even worse than I was so I stepped up and became chief Spider hunter (I pick them up and place them safely outside!) 

Leave me an interesting fact about yourself in the comments I would love to know! 


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