Sunday, 24 March 2019

My Perfect Sunday

Now I love nothing more than staying in on a Sunday especially in winter when it’s cold and wet outside and just knowing I’m inside nice, warm and snuggly!

To start with I wake up, put the kettle on and make some breakfast I’ll then usually as a treat take it back to bed and have a read/ comment through some blogs, Sunday is the day I really put time aside to focus on my blog but also to check out new bloggers and reading through their latest blog posts.

After I have had my breakfast and read a few posts I will have a shower and get changed into some comfy clothes which normally consists of pyjama bottoms, knitted jumper and fluffy socks! 

Sunday’s are also my odd job days so if I’ve got any tidying to do or anything I’ll do it leisurely throughout the day. Whilst doing this I'll put on a good playlist of the songs I have been loving recently and normally sing at the top of my lungs whilst doing the jobs. One of my favourite jobs to do is to wake up and put fresh sheets on my bed because then later I can get into a clean bed which I love! 

I know I am still using my christmas mug but its because its the perfect shape for hot chocolate! 

Sundays are also a bit of a pamper day for me so I will normally light some candles in the evening and then I'll pop a face mask on before watching a few series on Netflix and settle down with a hot chocolate. 

So that is my average Sunday routine, let me know in the comments what your Sunday routine is! 


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  2. That sounds lovely! For me, as long as it's winter, everyday is beautiful!
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