Sunday, 3 March 2019

Places I want to visit

In my job I am extremely fortunate that I get to travel the world for a living and wake up and see new places pretty much everyday and it is something that I still wake up and can't believe! I have been to so many incredible places and really have caught the travelling bug but there are still a number of places that are on my travel wishlist and so I thought I would share those with you today!

1. Philippines
This has been quite high on my list for a while now and I would absolutely love to go there. I have met quite a few people who are from the Philiipines and the stories and pictures they have are incredible! 

2. Vietnam
Another place where I have had friends visit, it looks incredible and is high up on my list. 

3. New Zealand
This has become a rather recent addition to my travel wishlist, I would love to go to the little hobbit houses and just see the beautiful scenery New Zealand has to offer. 

4.  Bali
This is just one of those places that I am forever lusting over! The photographs that I see and everything just looks so perfect and majestic and its again one of my top places to go! 

5. Chile -
 I would love to explore South America as a whole but would especially love to visit Chile and see the Fjords that they have to offer! 

So those are 5 of the places that are top of my travel list! Let me know in the comments what yours would be! 

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