Friday, 26 July 2013

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Monday, 15 July 2013

How to wash your makeup brushes

How often should you wash your makeup brushes?

It is important to was your makeup brushes regularly as they hold dirt and bacteria that can cause spots. I recommend washing them every week to keep them in top tip condition. If you have problems with acne or any other skin problems I would clean your brushes more regular as this helps to stop the build up in bacteria and you may see an improvement in your skin.

You can clean your brushes in two ways: use and instant brush cleaner for a quick clean or if you want to clean them thoroughly wash them with shampoo and leave them to dry overnight.

1.       Dampen the brushes slightly with warm water (this makes it easier to clean!)

2.       Chose the cleaning product you want to use and put a small amount in the palm of your hand- I normally use a mild shampoo but alternatively you can use a hand wash, both work in exactly the same way.

3.       Swirl the brush in the cleaning product, use you fingers to lather the makeup away from the brush

4.       Then rinse under warm running water making sure you squeeze out the excess water

5.       Gently swirl the brush onto a clean towel to make sure its dry

6.       While your brushes are still damp reshape it to it's original shape and place on a table to dry overnight.

I like to give my big powder brushes a quick conditioning after I have cleaned them as this leaves them really soft, but you don’t need to do this to all your brushes.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

5 On the go hairstyles

High ponytail:

This look is casual and quick. Simply pull your hair up at the crown of your head and secure with a thick elastic band. If you don’t want the elastic band to show you can wrap a strand of hair around the elastic and secure it with bobby pins.

Lose side braid:

Just to a quick normal braid on either side- make sure you make it loose and messy, the messier the better!

Messy bun:

This is my favourite hairstyle for medium to long hair, not only do they look laid back and cool but they hide those awkward cowlicks! The messier the better I say!

Waterfall braid:

This style works on any hair types but for a more textured look you can curl the ends on your hair using straighteners  

Step by step:

v  Start on your preferred side and start the braid right above your ear.

v  Start doing a regular French braid

v  When you begin as you grab the strand of hair to pull in drop it instead

v  Continue until you reach the other side or to where you want the braid to finish

v  Add a bow or accessories to complete the look.

Ballerina bun:

This hairstyle is good if you want a slick style

Step by step:

1.       Using a brush comb the hair back neatly

2.       Tie your hair into a high ponytail using a hair elastic

3.       Comb the ends of the ponytail to create a neater bun

4.       Twist the hair and wrap it around the base of the ponytail

5.       Secure the bun with bobby pins, if there are any strands of hair that have escaped just secure them with a bobby pin

6.       Secure the bun with hairspray

You can do the same with a hair donut but instead of twisting the hair you just secure it around the donut with bobby pins.

Max factor colour adapt foundation

This foundation has a flawless finish and a no mess application which is great for mornings when I'm running late! It makes my skin look natural and blends in evenly giving me the perfect coverage and colour
You can blend it in really quickly by using your fingers or a brush, personally I use a brush as it gives you an even look. It works on all types of skin and I have never had a breakout from using this. I use the creamy ivory shade and it doesn’t make my pale skin look like a tangerine, which is a bonus!
When I switched to this friends and family started commenting on how good my skin looked – personally I wouldn’t say my skin is anything special at all! I tend to use a compact powder on the top just so you don’t get the shine in your t-zone.
Always apply either moisturiser or primer to your face before you apply concealer and foundation, this will help the concealer and foundation glide on smoothly instead of settling into lines and wrinkles. The trick is to put the foundation on within one or two minutes of apply the moisturiser or primer- you don’t want the moisturiser to soak into the skin completely as it wont give the same effects. You can use any primer or moisturiser, they all work the same so just use the one you prefer.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Rimmel scandal eyes mascara

This mascara is so good it makes my lashes look long and it really does add volume to your eyelashes. It's really easy to apply once you get used to it! The first day I used it I found it hard to do my bottom lashes without smudging as its quite a big brush and my lashes are only small! I always curl my lashes before I apply mascara but with this mascara it gives the same effect. The brush is really good because it's nice and soft I find that the plastic brushes are really harsh on your eyes
This is a great product for anyone who wants to add more volume and length to their lashes as it makes you eyelashes look long without making them clump together, you don’t have to get many coats to get the look you are looking for. This mascara makes your eyelashes look natural – depending on the amount of layers you apply, personally I only think you need one or two layers. For  more dramatic look I would recommend using another mascara on top which has a smaller brush to reach each individual lash.
A great tip to get soft long lashes is before you go to bed take off all your eye makeup and put a small amount of Vaseline to your eyelashes by the morning you will have soft beautiful lashes, It makes apply mascara so much easier!