Sunday, 8 September 2013

Get to know me!

Hey lovelies!

Today I’ll do the tag where I answer 20 questions about myself.

I’ve seen this in quite a few blogs, and I thought it would be a nice idea to do this as well so you guys can know a little bit more about me!

1.       Do you have a middle name? Louise

2.       What was your favourite subject in school? My favourite subject was always media studies and photography, I also really liked French!

3.       What's your favourite drink? Mmmm.. I would have to say hot chocolate

4.       Do you participate in any sports? When I was at primary school I was in the girls football team, then when I was at secondary school I started playing badminton quite a lot.

5.       Favourite colour? Either pink or blue!

6.       Favourite animal? Polar bear

7.       Have you been out of the country? Lots of times…. I have been to the Caribbean, Artic, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Croatia and lots of others!

8.       Do you speak any other languages? I speak French and a bit of Italian that my friend taught me ;)

9.       What's your favourite store? The shops I go to most often are Primark, New Look and Topshop.

10.   Favourite movie? Oh I have so many! I like all of them ;)


Personal questions:

1.       What do you order at Starbucks?  In the summer I get a caramel Frappuccino or in the winter I get a Starbucks signature hot chocolate!

2.       Name one thing you would like to do before you die.. I really want to go on a world cruise!

3.       Favourite number? 2 I don’t know why but its my lucky number!

4.       Two Hobbies? Photography and blogging

5.       One thing in your wardrobe you cant live without? Jeans I live in them!

6.       Favourite flavour ice cream?  Mint choc chip ice cream… love it!

7.        Eye colour? Hazel

8.       Summer or winter? Winter!

9.       What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a photographer and to be successful in anything J

10.   What shoe size are you? Im a 6


So there you go my "Get to know me" tag and I Tag all of you reading to do one and leave your links to your tag in the comment box below!


  1. Hi lovely, thank you for reading my 50 random facts :)

    My fave icecream is Mint choc chip too :) Really want to go get one now :D x

  2. You said you'd like to do and if I had have known your blog when I did my post then I would have nominated you, so I am nominating you now :) here is the link to my post again for you to answer my questions. Let me know when you have done it as I'd love to read your answers :) x

    1. Thank you lovely :) My post is up :)

      Gemma xx


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