Sunday, 22 September 2013

Liebster Award!

Hello Everyone! The lovely Sophie from S K Beauty           ( ) recently nominated me for the Liebster Award! If you haven’t already checked out Sophie's blog then you should her blog is just lovely! This is an award given to new and up and coming bloggers to give them a bit more recognition, support and encouragement.

The award comes with a few rules these are:

·        Link back to the lovely person who nominated you

·        Answer the 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you

·        Nominate 11 other blogger to pass the awards to!

·        Come up with 11 questions for your nominees to answer

·        Tell the bloggers you have nominated them

·        If you want you can include 11 facts about you

So Sophie's questions..

What is your dream job? I really want to be a photographer! Im currently at college working on my photography degree!

What is your favourite colour? Im quite a girly girl so I would say pink or blue!

What 3 makeup products could you not live without? Mascara, Concealer and eyeliner!

What is your favourite item of clothing? If I was going for comfort I would say one of my hoodies or if I was going for style I would say a dress!

Who is your celebrity crush? Ryan Gosling ;)

What is your all time favourite song? This is so hard as I have soo many favourite songs! I can't thing of one but a song I really like is don’t you worry child by Swedish house Mafia.

If you could get on a plane to anywhere tomorrow where would you go?

What's your favourite nail varnish? I love Orly's nail polish in Soul Mate, it is such a lovely red colour and I just love it!

Skirts, dresses or trousers? I would say trousers for everyday and dresses for special occasions!

Any phobias? If so what? I don’t know why but I don’t like snakes or spiders! I probably have a few more but I can't think of any!

What's the best thing about blogging for you? I love meeting lovely new people and bloggers, I feel like part of a big family that looks out for one another and just getting to talk to other people I would normally get chance to talk to!

11 random facts about me:

·        Im am Terrified of needles I always have been I HATE them!

·        I had knitting classes at school and I knitted a toy tiger!

·        I Love the film forest Gump because I went on a cruise and on the TV the only film they had was Forest Gump and Mr Beans Holiday!

·        I have got my silver award in Ballroom dancing!

·        Im allergic to nuts! Its so annoying I have to read the packets on everything and I'm not allowed certain cakes!

·        I have been on 7 cruises and that’s why I want to work on one/ be  photographer!

·        If something happens I probably overreact a lot! And im very dramatic!

·        About 2 years ago I became really interested in sign language I can now have a full conversation in sign! I also want to get some sort of certificate in BSL

·        I am really shy at first but once I feel comfortable with people I am so loud!

·        I have one of the loudest laughs!

·        I can't go into a beauty shop without buying something!


My questions:
·        How long have you been blogging for?
·        What's your favourite saying?
·        Favourite beauty product?
·        What language would you like to learn?
·        What is your 4 favourite beauty brands?
·        What's your most used beauty product?
·        Have you told your family and friends about your blog?
·        What is your favourite season?
·        If someone was to make a film of your life who would you want to play you?
·        What's your "go to" products?
·        If you could have any coloured hair what would it be?


I nominate:

·        Rebecca from

·        Maddison from

·        Libbie from

·        Becca from

·        Hannah from

·        Lydia from

·        Mawuelome from

·        Cute little beauty blog

·        Becka from

·        Stephanie from

·        Katie from
·        Kate from

 Leave the links to your award in the comment box below!

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