Saturday, 12 October 2013

Amargan Advanced Styler

This product is great! It softens your hair making it more manageable, restores the shine, detangles your hair which is always a bonus when trying to style your hair! It helps control frizz and those pesky flyaway hairs!

To get the best results I applied after I had shampooed I just added a few drops onto the palms of my hairs and worked it through my damp hair making sure to cover my roots through to my ends and then I just styled it in my usual way. I was to surprised to find that it actually reduces drying time which has been a lifesaver with thick hair I have found that I have done my hair a lot quicker than normal.  I would say this product is good for all hair types but especially thick hair.

You can also use it for a serum after styling but I would recommend only using a small amount if you are to do this. If you hair doesn’t have much volume and body then this product works really well I have found that I have had a lot more volume in my hair since I have been using this hair product, I was also really impressed with how it gives a smooth, silky finish without weighing down your hair!

Without a doubt I would recommend this to everyone who wants to get their hair in better condition and make it easier to style.

*This was sent to me by PR for consideration of a review


  1. nice review ! i am going to give it a try . just started to follow you love you blog . please follow me :)

  2. Thank you! I really like it I hope you will to, thanks for the follow I will follow you back

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