Monday, 7 October 2013

Liebster Award!

Hey guys!

So I was nominated for a Liebster award by the lovely so lets get started!


If you don’t know already the Liebster award is, it is an award given to up and coming bloggers to get more recognition in the blogging community.


So there are a few rules to the award;

·         Answer the questions set by the blogger who nominated you

·         Nominate 11 other bloggers for the award

·         Set 11 questions for your own nominees to answer

·         And just let the other 11 people that you have nominated them and send them a link to your post.


1.          What/who inspired you to start blogging?
Basically I had been reading some lovely blogs for quite a while then one day I thought im going to give it a try and so "Touch Of Belle" was created!


2.       Do you have any goals you want to reach before Christmas?
Just to keep at my blog and to make some more blogging friends :)


3.       What are your favourite blog posts to write?

I love writing beauty posts and fashion I love the whole process, taking the pictures, writing the posts and editing its so much fun!


4.       What do you prefer writing about on your blog; fashion, beauty, life topics or anything random?

I love writing about anything and everything, I mainly focus of beauty, fashion and lifestyle but if anyone has any suggestions for posts I would be more than happy to try them out!


5.       Describe your blog in 3 words

I would say friendly, fun and a general chit chat so if you have any questions I don’t bite!


6.       What are you most looking forward to in autumn and winter?

I love this time I year, I just love it! I would say hot chocolate, fluffy socks, big knitted jumpers and my birthday which is the 21st December!


7.       When are you most likely to be writing a blog post?

I try and write my posts once every 2 days although with college at the moment it could be more or less posts but I will try and keep them regular.


8.       What is your favourite song at the moment?

Summertime sadness by Lana Del Rey -  love it!


9.       What is your all-time favourite skin care product?

I love the clean and clear cleanser its great for cleansing your face morning and evening I find it really helps keep my skin looking and feeling great!


10.   What do you treat yourself to in autumn/winter?

Fluffy socks I couldn’t be without them!


11.   Do you see blogging as a long term thing or do you plan on stopping?

Definitely a long term thing I just love it and couldn’t imagine stopping!

Im nominating:


My questions:

1.    How old are you?

2.    How would you describe your style?

3.    What's your favourite type of post to write?

4.    What is your winter must have?

5.    Do you have any tips for new bloggers?

6.    How long have you been blogging for?

7.    What are your "go to" hair styles?

8.    Best beauty tip or general tips?

9.    What's the best thing about blogging?

10.  Do you family/ friends know you blog? If yes are they supportive?

11.  Where do you see your blog in the future?

I hope you guys enjoyed this and thank you again for nominating me!


Once you've done your Award post; Leave a comment or tweet me so I can check them out because I would love to read them!



  1. Thank you for nominating me Gemma! :) Loved reading your answers to the questions btw - me and you share the same birth-month! Mine is December 10th! Also I just listened to Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Ray as I hadn't heard it before and it's so good!!
    Saadiya xx

  2. Your welcome lovely! thank you I cant wait to read yours! I never find anyone who has the same birth month so its great to find someone! I love Lana Del Ray all her songs are really good :)

    Gemma xx

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