Sunday, 6 October 2013

Would you rather with Hannah's Bubble!

Hello lovelies!
So today Im doing something a little bit different! I have decided to do a blog collaboration! So who better than the lovely Hannah from !
After a few emails we decided on the would you rather tag which is great as I have never done it before!
So Hannah has asked me 10 would you rather questions and here are my answers!
1.    Would you rather...only be able to shop in make-up/hair shops and no clothes shops or only be able to shop in clothes shops and no make up shops?

Only be able to shop in makeup and hair shops!
2. Would you rather... have dark nails or bright nails all year round?

I love having bright nails, so bright nails all year round!
3. Would you rather... be able to only wear skin make up and no other make up or wear all eye makeup and no other makeup?

Wear all eye makeup, I couldn’t live without mascara!
. Would you rather.. chop all of your hair off or only chop half your hair off?

Only chop half of my hair off!
5. Would you rather... wear your clothes backwards or wear your underwear(including bras) on top of your clothes?

Wear my clothes backwards!
6. Would you rather... wear tight cycling shorts or wear a gymnastics leotard?

Hmm… Gymnastics leotard!
7. Would you rather... never be able to pluck your eyebrows or only be able to shave them off and draw them on in bright red?

Never be able to pluck them

8. Would you rather... only be able to shop in designer shops or never be able to shop in designers shops again?

Only shop in designer shops I would need a lot of money though!

9. Would you rather... be a wasp or a moth?

Oh this is really hard im terrified of wasps so it would have to be a moth!

10.Would you rather... go back in time and meet your ancestors or go into the future and meet your great grandchildren? I think I would go back in time and meet my ancestors because you would probably get to meet your grandchildren any way.

I hope you enjoyed reading the questions and seeing my answers! If you have done the would you rather tag I would love to read yours!

I would like to say a massive thank you to the love Hannah for asking me the questions!

If you want to see Hannah's Answers to the Would You Rather tag she has answered them on her blog And make sure you follow her because she is just lovely and really deserves it!

If any of you are interested in doing a collaboration you can email me or send me a tweet @makebeautyblog

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