Friday, 29 November 2013

The Blogger Interview Tag with Ffion!

Hi! How are you? Welcome to Touch Of Belle! Let's talk a little bit about your blog! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
Hi my names Ffion from over at, I’m an A Level student studying psychology, sociology and business studies. I live at home with my parents a cute fluffy companion called Amber, my favourite colour is pink and my preferred outfit choice is a skater dress.
How old are you?
I’m 17, soon to be 18 in 9 days! (23/10/2013)
How and Why did you start your blog?
I started blogging as a way to cool off, to chill out, and just write, do something I enjoy, I like writing and I like people reading what I’ve written, I take pride in it!
What's your favourite thing about blogging?
My favourite thing about blogging is interacting with my readers and getting feedback, positive or even negative from my readers about my blog and it’s posts!
What is your favourite post to write?
I like writing personal posts, posts about my life, posts about what I’m doing, where I’m going, like an online diary that I can share with anyone whos willing to stop by and read it!
How long have you been blogging for?
I’ve been on and off blogging for about 3 years, 4 different blogs, but I was never able to attract enough like-minded people who wanted to read my posts and were interested
If you could describe your style in one word, what would it be?
Where or who do you look to for style inspiration?
I don’t think I look anywhere really, sometimes I’ll just look online on topshop, new look and river island for inspiration.
What are your must have products?
NAIR hair removal cream for when you just cant be bothered to shave or haven’t had time to book a waxing appointment, easy, stress free, quick with great results.
L’oreal Paris False Lash Architect mascara, by far my favourite mascara so far, long, black, thick lashes, my dream! It’s not sticky and thick like some mascaras and I can’t say there’s a bad thing I can say about it.
What do you enjoy most about blogging?
Finally, do you have any advice or helpful tips you could give to new bloggers just starting out?
Interact with other bloggers on Facebook and Twitter, write guest posts, have other bloggers write guest posts for you, share your posts on Google+, Twitter and Facebook!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Nail art Review!

I love painting my nails and adding a bit of nail art to my nails.. we have all been there, we think something will look great and it turns out not quite exactly how we wanted it! Nail art have come up with these cute nail designs that are so easy to use and look great! They come in little stickers and all you have to do is peel them of the sheet and place them over your painted nails.. what could be easier than that!

In each pack there are over 60 individual stickers, My favourite are these super cute bow ones as they look fab with a French manicure or even just a pale pink! The nail art packs are available online from and from the boots shop.


I cannot get enough of nail art, Nail Polish! Every color you could possibly imagine from neutral tones to bright colors. I Absolutely LOVE them!!! They are such a great quality for  great prices too! The brush is great and the perfect size to cover the whole of the nail.

(with a base and top coat)
When I first saw this nail varnish I just fell in love with the colour, it’s a really nice, warm pink that stands out when its on your nails. I found the best way to apply the polish is to put a clear base coat, then this nail art polish and then you can either add a top coat to add a slight gleam or just leave it as it is!

Whenever I paint my nails I always end up with a smudge or they end up cracking within a few days but I really liked this, the polish with a base coat and top coat lasted around 10 days and with just the base coat lasted 7 days which is pretty good.

I would recommend both these products to someone who wants wacky nails and easy to do nail art designs!
*This was sent to me by PR for consideration of a review

Friday, 22 November 2013

The Blogger Interview Tag with Lynn!

Hi! How are you? Welcome to Touch Of Belle! Let's talk a little bit about your blog! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
-My name is Lynn Jo Chaney and at the moment I'm running a blog which is an extension of my journal. I have always loved writing but found it hard to keep going to my journal to write. Instead I started using my blog :D 

I am a college graduate who is obsessed with McFly. I used to work as a fashion advisor until I was made redundant. I also hope to move from Dublin to London in the next few months :D

How old are you? 

-I am twenty one!
How and Why did you start your blog?
- I started my blog years ago and I just started it as the cool thing to do back in the MySpace age. I think I might have only written one or two posts back then though. Now I keep it going as it is somewhere for me to write and vent and just put stuff in places rather than have even more piles of notebooks at home.

What's your favourite thing about blogging?

 - Literally just writing. Like I could sit down to do a post and keep going for hours. I like all my posts up as drafts in advance which I love. When I used to physically write in my journal I might not have it on me or be in a position to write or I'd forget what I'd want to write about. Now with my blog I save a post as a draft when I have an idea, the mobile app is crucial to me, and I just get back to it when I can. I post everyday but I normally have a week's worth of drafts at any time. I would write even if no one read the posts though, and sometimes no one does read them and that doesn't bother me one bit.
What is your favourite post to write?
- My favourite post I have written so far was my 'I don't understand boys' post. It was one where I vented and raved for ages and it was really well received. I haven't done a post like that in a while, but I must do more of them as they are the ones I always want to do and always have loads to say on.

How long have you been blogging for?

-I have had my blog for about 4 years but it is only since I lost my job at the end of July that I started to properly put effort into it.

If you could describe your style in one word, what would it be?

-Rambling, I literally go on and on for ages, and off on a tangent a lot. I always get back to the point but it can take a while sometimes.
Where or who do you look to for style inspiration?
 -Magazines or the internet. I have a style myself that I created in my head and want to achieve. I do look to tumblr, lookbook, different blogs and sites to try create that though. At the minute I am channeling Dougie from McFly's baggy shirt, skinnies and boots look. It's nice and laid back while still being dressy.
What are your must have products?
 -I swear by my They're Real mascara from Benefit and their Bad Gal chunky eye pencil. Aside from that I always have my Victoria Secrets Body Mist (the mango one), Neutrogena hand cream and face wipes in my bag! :D
What do you enjoy most about blogging?
-Having an outlet. I can just write and say what I want and put it out there. I can write and not publish the post if I want to. I would blog whether or not people read my blog. The fact people do is just a bonus as I feel I can be a role model at the same time :D 
Finally, do you have any advice or helpful tips you could give to new bloggers just starting out?
-Don't worry about being a specific type of blogger (beauty, fashion etc) your blog is YOUR blog. Write for yourself, write what you want to read and keep it your own. You shouldn't write for anyone else. In the same way you shouldn't edit what you say based on what you think people will want to hear... Write only what you want and feel... You will do much better that way, being honest and genuine.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Montagne Juenesse Dry Skin Mask

So my initial thoughts on the packaging is that I like how it's the same size as the normal masks, but you get 2 different products in it! The designs on all of the montagne Juenesse range are really cute and colourful! The Dry Skin Mask contains Raspberries, Blueberries and Red Grapes which are all high in antioxidants that are designed to protect and replenish your skin.

 The packaging is very easy to cut in half so you can split the two bits up if you find it easier/don't want to risk accidentally ripping into the second step when opening the mask below.

The mask felt cooling on my skin and went on really smoothly. I don't think I'll ever master the skill of putting a face mask on without making some mess although I remembered to tie my hair up this time!

After about 15 minutes the face mask had tried in most areas. The face mask smelt so delicious that it was a little difficult to stop myself from just having a little taste! Haha it just smells so yummy!

The Skin Heroes face mask range contains 4 masks and a nose pore strip set and are £1.49. You can get them on Montagne Jeunesse's website or they are now in Asda too. I was incredibly impressed with this mask and would definitely repurchase to use once a week If you've got dry skin and are looking for a face mask to help things out then you should definitely try this one out as it really does help!


What do you think of this mask? Are you as pleased with the two step thing as I am or do you think it's not for you? As always, I love to read any of your comments! What are you favourite Montagne Jeunesse face mask?



Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Montagne Jeunesse red earth clay spa!

So basically this mask  is a clay infused fabric oval with cut outs for the eyes, nose and mouth, obviously these aren't going to be the perfect size for everybody's face but you can sort of mould it and it will stick there for the fifteen minutes you leave it on for.


The fabric is infused with clay, pomegranate and cinnamon which has a very different scent to the usual face mask smells! It's not too noticeable so I can't really imagine anyone hating it, it's just different. Personally I really like it, it sort of reminds me of a Christmas smell – not quite sure why though!


I've tried a fair few of the Montagne Jeunesse face masks from the range but the main thing I liked with this one was that it's a fabric which means no mess :D always good when there is no mess! and it doesn't dry your skin out.


This mask would be great for sensitive skin or breakouts as the mask really reduced the spots I had and any redness around them. I really like that this mask is so cheap and I know I've seen some of the masks from this range next to the tills in my local Primark for £1 so it might be worth checking to see if your local one stocks them too! 
 would repurchase this again, I really liked it! they are quite a few others in the range that you could choose if you prefer them!


Have you used any of the Montagne Jeunesse masks, what ones do you recommend?



Monday, 18 November 2013

Touch Of Belle's 1st Giveaway!!

Just a quick reminder my St. Grape Giveaway is still open and if you haven't already entered, what are you waiting for?! There will be 5 winners and The competition is open to worldwide entries, the winners will be announced 12/13th December! To enter simply fill out the raffle copter below. Good Luck!

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I would love to hear if you have tried St. Grape before? Or why you would like to try their products out! Just leave me a comment down below!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Blogger Interview Tag with Gaby!

Hi! How are you? Welcome to Touch Of Belle! Let's talk a little bit about your blog! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

How old are you?

I'm 14 years old - 15 in March :)

How and Why did you start your blog?

I basically started my blog because I love makeup too much, and I loved reading blogs like SprinkleofGlitter and FleurdeForce. I love sharing my opinion and hearing about other peoples opinions on products and finding out about new trends and releases etc. So I decided, hey ho why not? so I did and AnotherGirlyBlg was born and creating my blog was (one of) the best decisions I have ever made.

What's your favourite thing about blogging?

The first thing that comes to mind is the amazing community, and wonderful people that I have spoken to as a result of blogging. I love taking part in the chats on Twitter and reading the lovely comments you all send me, they really make me very happy indeed. I also love having an excuse to buy more makeup than I will EVER use!!


What is your favourite post to write?

I love writing review posts, and tags, and lifestyle things. To be honest I loved writing all of my posts and I'm really proud of all of them!

How long have you been blogging for?

I have been blogging for 5 months now.

If you could describe your style in one word, what would it be?

Casual, not particularly girly and comfortable. I love me some Molly Jeggings from River Island, boots, a baggy jumper and a snood.


Where or who do you look to for style inspiration?

I love looking through catalogues and also the "wear this with" sections on websites. I love people-watching and seeing what kind of things people wear. I get inspiration from every where really!


What are your must have products?

The Maybelline Rocket Volum' Mascara and the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation - I love them too much. I have three back up bottles for the mascara because i know I can't live without it! I also love my eyeshadows and hope to start a MAC eyeshadow collection soon :)


What do you enjoy most about blogging?

I really enjoy trying out and finding out about new products and releases, as well as being able to share my views with other like-minded beauty-obsessed people!


Finally, do you have any advice or helpful tips you could give to new bloggers just starting out?
Don't expect too much too quickly. The views and followers will come if you write the good content. Also get Twitter - its probably one of the most important and effective ways of promoting your blog and interacting with other lovely bloggers.
Have you seen my St. Grape Giveaway? Click Here to enter!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Sunshine award!!

Good morning lovelies ! I have been nominated for Sunshine Award by lovely Ambi from I love her and her blog She is such an lovely blogger and person , Please make sure you check out her blog ...its amazing :)  This award is given to bloggers who are positive, inspiring, creative or who’s blog you really enjoy reading .


Here are the rules:

- List 11 facts about yourself
- Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you
- Nominate 11 bloggers you feel deserve this award
- Write 11 questions for them to answer in their award post
- Let your 11 bloggers know you have nominated them


11 Facts about me

1.    I love winter its my favourite season J

2.    I want to be a photographer when im older

3.    I love Chinese food mmm..

4.    I used to play the clarinet until I found out they used nut oil and im allergic to nuts

5.    I really want to go to America I have never been there but I would love to go!

6.    I have been to the artic and saw a wild polar bear it was AMAZING!

7.    I love all sports I used to be in the girls football team at school and if the boys didn’t have enough players I used to play in their team aswell!

8.    I love hot chocolate!

9.    Family is really important to me

10. I was born 4 days before Christmas (21st December)

11. Me and my friend once slipped over on the floor at school (It was wet because it was raining) and we couldn’t stand back up.. it was so embarrassing we were on the floor trying to get back up for 10 minutes and we couldn’t because it was slippy so we had to crawl to the stairs!




1-    what is your favourite colour ?

Um either Red or Pink

2-    Spring or fall ? Why?

Fall (Autumn) Because I love being able to wear fluffy socks and oversized jumpers!

3-    Lip stick or lip gloss ?


4-    favourite book of all time to read ?

Ohh this is hard I think my favourite book is Anne Franks diary because it's amazing and it’s a true story.

5-    MAC or Urban decay ?

I haven’t tried either *Hangs head in shame* But I really want to try some MAC Products!

6-    body mist or perfume ?

I quite like body mist as I always feel fresher when I use it but perfume is better for going out

7-    what is your dream job?

My dream job is to be a photographer! Its always something I have wanted to be

8-    what is your hobby?

Blogging! I love it so much the community is just really nice and you get to meet lots of lovely people who share you interests J I would also say dancing and photography

9-    Why did you started blogging?

I had been reading blogs for ages and I just wanted somewhere to share my thoughts with people who have the same interests and Im so glad I did J

10- Which blogger inspire you ?

Lots of lovely bloggers inspire me but I couldn’t pick just one!

11- Makeup brushes or sponges ?

Makeup brushes all the way!

My questions!

1) What makeup brand could you not live without?

2) Why did you start blogging?

3) Costa/Nero/Pret/Starbucks?

4) How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

5) What's your favourite season?

6) Do you prefer long/short and curly/straight hair?

7) What's your favourite book?

8) What's your idea of the perfect night in?

9) If you had to have someone narrate your life who would it be?

10) If you could meet one person dead/alive who would it be?

11) If you could travel back to one moment in time when would it be?


I nominate:

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

New Blog Design!

Hey guys! Just a little quick post to say that I now have a new gorgeous blog design, made by the lovely Emily from   Make sure to have a look at her blog, it is definitely one of my favourites!

I highly recommend her, and her designs are always perfect! I had been trying to design my own blog for quite some time but could never get it just how I wanted it, so when Emily kindly offered to do it for me I couldn't have been more pleased! I would definitely recommend that you ask Emily to design your blog as she will do a great job!

I hope you all like my new design as much as I do, because I really think Emily did a lovely job!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Montagne Jeunesse Manuka honey peel off

Montagne Jeunesse sell a wide range of face masks and they are all sold at around £1.00 which is a complete bargain! The one I tried was the Manuka Honey peel off mask. It has many health benefits and one of its benefit's is being great for your skin. Manuka honey contains anti-bacterial properties, so it's great option to help clear up break outs and it's also good for soothing and healing the skin. 

Before you apply the mask you should cleanse your face to get rid of any dirt and product so that the mask can really work into the skin. I applied the mask using my hands, it had quite a runny consistency so it was a bit messy to work with but it was fine, just make sure to tie your hair back you don’t want it going everywhere!

I love the smell of the mask its very sweet, you can definitely smell the caramel and honey it is quite a soothing but sweet smell.

It says on the packet to leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes and then remove, by the end of the 15-20 minutes the mask was set and I was ready to peel it off! I was really surprised as this didn’t hurt as much as other face masks I have used!

After I peeled it of my skin looked really clear and felt extremely smooth and soft. I loved using this I would recommend it to everyone its so affordable but works a treat!

Have you used any of the Montagne Jeunesse masks, what ones do you recommend?
 *This was sent to me by PR for consideration of a review

Saturday, 9 November 2013

St. Grape Giveaway!!

As you may know, I love a good giveaway. That's why I've teamed up with St. Grape to give you lovely readers the chance to win a St. Grape Aqua Bliss Scrub!
There will be 5 winners and The competition is open to worldwide entries, the winners will be announced 12/13th December! To enter simply fill out the raffle copter below. Good Luck!

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Friday, 8 November 2013

Save The Blow Dry!

We have all been there you either get your hair done at the hair dressers or manage to get your hair looking perfect.. only to get in the shower and ruin in! So I have found the perfect product to keep your locks looking lovely, meet save the blow dry!

The shower cap itself is really spacious  leaving room for even the thickest, longest style, its comfortable to wear and stops ALL strands from escaping and you can happily shower whilst looking extra glam in this cute shower cap!

 It is the first shower cap I have used that combines a super girly outer waterproof design with an inside layer of a super absorbent micro-weave towelling which keeps out all the humidity and condensation which means it leaves your hair dry, bouncy and exactly the same as when you went in the shower!

You can buy your Save The Blow Dry direct from the Save The Blow Dry website the caps retail at £14.95 which sounds quite pricey for a shower cap but it is really worth it as its keeps all the water out and does exactly what it says!
 *This was sent to me by PR for consideration of a review