Thursday, 21 November 2013

Montagne Juenesse Dry Skin Mask

So my initial thoughts on the packaging is that I like how it's the same size as the normal masks, but you get 2 different products in it! The designs on all of the montagne Juenesse range are really cute and colourful! The Dry Skin Mask contains Raspberries, Blueberries and Red Grapes which are all high in antioxidants that are designed to protect and replenish your skin.

 The packaging is very easy to cut in half so you can split the two bits up if you find it easier/don't want to risk accidentally ripping into the second step when opening the mask below.

The mask felt cooling on my skin and went on really smoothly. I don't think I'll ever master the skill of putting a face mask on without making some mess although I remembered to tie my hair up this time!

After about 15 minutes the face mask had tried in most areas. The face mask smelt so delicious that it was a little difficult to stop myself from just having a little taste! Haha it just smells so yummy!

The Skin Heroes face mask range contains 4 masks and a nose pore strip set and are £1.49. You can get them on Montagne Jeunesse's website or they are now in Asda too. I was incredibly impressed with this mask and would definitely repurchase to use once a week If you've got dry skin and are looking for a face mask to help things out then you should definitely try this one out as it really does help!


What do you think of this mask? Are you as pleased with the two step thing as I am or do you think it's not for you? As always, I love to read any of your comments! What are you favourite Montagne Jeunesse face mask?




  1. Great review! Since the cold weathers here and the heating up I'm in massive need of a good facemask. Have tried a few Montagne Juenesse ones before but never been amazed. Will defs give this one go though.

    Em xx

    1. This is one of my favourite masks, facemasks are great in the winter with all this cold weather!

      Gemma xxx

  2. Lovely blog. Great review. I just followed on GFC!


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