Tuesday, 12 November 2013

New Blog Design!

Hey guys! Just a little quick post to say that I now have a new gorgeous blog design, made by the lovely Emily from http://designsbyemilyf.blogspot.co.uk/   Make sure to have a look at her blog, it is definitely one of my favourites!

I highly recommend her, and her designs are always perfect! I had been trying to design my own blog for quite some time but could never get it just how I wanted it, so when Emily kindly offered to do it for me I couldn't have been more pleased! I would definitely recommend that you ask Emily to design your blog as she will do a great job!

I hope you all like my new design as much as I do, because I really think Emily did a lovely job!


  1. I love it! the buttons are so cute :) very nice clean design good job!!

  2. love your new design :) its so girly :) xoxo


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