Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Sesame street cookie monster cupcakes!

I love cooking and one of my favourite things to do is decorating cupcakes! This design is great for kids party's they are not only fun to make but taste great to!


v  2 cups of buttercream icing

v  Blue food colouring

v  Chocolate chip cookies cut in half or full (whichever you prefer)

v  Chocolate chips

v  Marshmallows or white chocolate milk buttons

v  Blue sprinkles (optional)

Step 1 – add a few drops of food colouring to the icing and mix until the colour is blended in.

Step 2 – to ice the cupcakes place around a cup of the icing into a zip top bag and then seal the top. You can then cut one of the corners off at the bottom. Pipe enough icing in a circular motion to cover the surface of the cupcake.

Step 3 – if you are using the blue sprinkles dip the cupcake tops into the sprinkles until it is fully coated, this will give the cookie monster a fur effect look!

Step 4 – Take your 2 marshmallows or milk buttons and put the chocolate chips in face down to create 2 eyes, when you have done this place them side by side on the top of the cupcake.

Step  5 – finish the cupcakes but placing half a cookie or one mini cookie at an angle towards the bottom of the cupcake to finish the famous cookie monster look!

Have you tried these before? What's your favourite cupcake design? Let me know below!


  1. These look amazing! Love it! x

  2. These look so cute, but when I try to make things like this they always end up completly ruined haha. Wish I could make them like this :)

    xo Mel
    Anxiety | Depression | Panic Attacks

    1. Aw Thank you :) You should try them, they are really easy to make! If you try them let me know how it goes!

      Gemma xxx

  3. these are amazing!!!!
    definitely on my todo list!!!

    mollie xoxo

    1. Thank you so much lovely! Let me know if you try them :)

      Gemma xxx

  4. omg i love these! so cute x


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