Sunday, 26 January 2014

Batiste Oriental Dry Shampoo

Firstly, what a beautiful can! Batiste always stand out with their lovely can designs but Oriental is really something! The colours and peacock are so pretty! This would look great on a dressing table, Batiste's cans are much more appealing than any rival dry shampoo.

Batiste Oriental has fruity top notes, including apple, wild berry and grape, along with floral middle notes of Jasmine and Iris.

The smell is a nice floral-oriental 'floral' mix and leaves hair smelling great, as well as feeling fresh and looking volumised.

 As always with batiste, the dry shampoo is a great quality?) with it lasting almost all day and keeping me feeling and looking fresh when I just haven't had enough time to wash my hair. Unlike other dry shampoos, it also doesn't leave you with those white marks on top of your head.

Overall, I am loving Batiste Oriental and would highly recommend it.

The new Batiste Oriental Dry Shampoo is available from Boots, Superdrug, pharmacies and supermarkets, it is available in 200ml cans and costs £2.99. Batiste is my must have, essential hair item and something I cannot be without!!


  1. I've never tried a dry shampoo before! I like the sound of the scent of this one though and I might pick it up :) x

    Molly's Beauty Spot | A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. The scent and packaging sounds lovely! I've always bought their soft blush one (at least I think that's what it's called lol)! I'll check this one out the next time I'm shopping for some dry shampoo!


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