Sunday, 12 January 2014

Tips for clear skin

Nobody has perfect or flawless skin. I thought it would be a good idea to share some skincare tips with you all. Whether you have dry, oily, combination or sensitive skin hopefully some of these tips may work for you!

·                     Change your skincare routine to suit each season - As the seasons change from blistering hot heat, if you're lucky, to plummeting temperatures it's a great idea to mix up your skincare routine. From Summer to Winter your skin may become drier as of Winter to Summer your skin may become oilier. For example, you may want to go for a lighter or heavier moisturiser.

·                     Don't touch your face to often - This one probably sounds a bit silly! But not only does touching your face often increase oil. It may also transfer bacteria from your hands to your face. Leading to a raging, nasty spot! On topic of oil, if you've skipped a hair wash it's recommended you tie your hair up. That way the oil, dirt and grease is kept away from the face preventing nasty breakouts. Also if you use a phone for calling or putting it near your face can have the same affect so try and keep your phone clean!

·                     Always use moisturiser - Primarily, moisturiser prevents the skin from drying out. It's refreshing and nourishing. Moisturiser helps makeup appear more smooth and natural. It's extremely important, no matter what your skin type, to moisturise after cleansing or exfoliating the skin as it closes the pores. Therefore preventing spots and breakouts.

·                     Use a exfoliator - Exfoliating the skin not only removes dead skin cells, it also helps to achieve healthy and glowing skin.

·                     Wash makeup brushes regularly - For those of you who wear makeup, it's incredibly important to wash your makeup brushes regularly. It gets rid of old makeup, dirt and bacteria. Making you less at risk for breakouts or blackheads. Also if you use concealer in a tub with a brush  make sure you wash that too!

·                     Be consistent - Most important, don't forget to be consistent! Try your hardest not to miss a step in your skin care routine and don't give up on a product straight away. Sometimes certain products take a while to show results.

I hope this has helped! What tips do you think are important for good skincare? Let me know below! 

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  1. Great tips! I will definitely be doing a couple of these more often. x


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