Monday, 28 April 2014

Mio Destino - Classic lovely black bra and string

What you wear under your clothes is as important as the clothes you're wearing, having the right foundations make everything look better! Always make sure your underwear fits you like a dream and most importantly makes you feel confident!

My ever expanding underwear collection I have nude bras for white tops, black strapless bras for dresses, neon yellow ones and now I've found the perfect black bra to add to my collection!

The fit of the bra* is great for cleavage, but I'd recommend going up a cup size if you're planning on wearing this bra regularly. The fit around the bust is great, it's really comfortable and the centre sits nice and flat against my body. The straps are really comfortable too and can be adjusted to your perfect fit, the straps are also removable so If your wearing a dress with no straps you can remove the bra straps too, the only down side to that is that it has weakened the straps a bit. 

It has removable padding so you can add a little more cleavage if you feel like it, or remove for more of an every day bra. The rose lace covers the cups and edges onto the straps, I love the detail in the set! The string* doesn't have the same amount of detail but it still looks nice!

The string fits well do and is good if your planning on wearing a little dress and don’t want the dreaded vpl line.. its never a good look!

Available from  Mio Destino here 

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