Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Your Dream Catcher Jogging Bottoms

First of all let me say that dream catcher designs are one of my favourite things, I don't know what but from a very young age I have always loved them and always had one by my bed, I was so excited when I was contacted by your dream catcher to review one of their items, I picked their jogging bottoms as I love being comfortable and they looked great!

When they arrived and I first tried them I loved the feel of the material It's so warm and fluffy on the inside which makes the perfect for lounging round in or to wear out, what I like about them is on the angles they are elasticated, I really liked this I have never had jogging bottoms like this before but actually found it really comfy and kept me nice and warm! The waist of the joggers are almost string like, where you tie the string to the tightness you want, this would be great for someone who likes to be able to choose the tightness, but personally I like elasticated tops as I find they stay put! I still found that they stayed but for me I would have preferred elasticated tops.

The design is probably my favourite thing along with the comfort as it is so simply yet eye catching… see what I did there ;) I love how the colours are quite simply, the actually joggers are grey and the design in black, light grey and dark grey.

These would be great for anyone who likes to be comfy but likes to wear something that still has style! You can view the whole range at Have you tried anything from your dream catcher before? Let me know what you think in the comments! 


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